QuickBooks Error 179

How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 179? [Troubleshooting Guide]

QuickBooks is one of the most used and reliable accounting software for small businesses. It is also known for its service and best troubleshooting tools it provides. Like any other software it is prone to different errors. One such error is quickbooks error 179. The quickbooks rebuild error 179 occurs when you are trying to access your bank accounts through QuickBooks software. 

When this QB error occurs it stops your accessibility to go to your account page and even you cannot download your bank statement till you eradicate this error.  In this article, we will talk briefly about what Quickbooks error 179 is, why it is caused and how we can solve it to perform function regularly on QuickBooks. 

What is QuickBooks Error 179 ?

QuickBooks error 179 is one of the many errors that appears while using QuickBooks software. It basically appears when you try to reach your bank account through QuickBooks. This is not a major error but it can cause a lot of problems in the task you are performing if it is not solved when found.

What actually happens when you try to login into your bank account using QuickBooks software that is redirecting to your account through QuickBooks and if you are not able to do so that means that you are facing quickbooks error 179. 

Now let’s look at the reasons that lead the users to this error.

Indications of QuickBooks Error 179

There are few ways by which you can identify that the problem happening in the software can be because of error 179. Below mentioned pointers are indications or signs of error 179.

  • The files or some information is missing in QuickBooks software.
  • The company files are missing or are damaged.
  • Other signs can be that the QuickBooks is functioning slow or is freezing.
  •  When operations are performed only null values are shown by the software.

These indications can probably be of help to recognize that the problems that are caused can be because of the appearance of error 179 quickbooks. Now, let’s look at the reasons behind the cause of quickbooks error 179.

Reasons Behind QuickBooks Error 179

There are many reasons that cause QuickBooks error 179, it is important to know about these reasons to eradicate them and to stop this error from appearing again in the future. Mentioned below are some of the roots behind quickbooks error code 179.

causes behind QB Error 179

  1. When the user is logging into the bank account with wrong credentials. 
  2. The error can occur when the balance sheet is not updated.
  3. The user has not updated the login credentials. 
  4. Multiple logins in other devices can also cause error 179.
  5. Your internet connection has a cache issue.
  6. Different kinds of viruses or malware can be another reason for the quickbooks error code 179.
  7. Difference in the invoices and bills value can be one of the reasons. 
  8. The error mainly occurs due to authorization issues; there can be various other reasons for quickbooks error 179. Follow this article for solution tips. 
  9. There could be some kind of issue with the company file.

Ways to Resolve QuickBooks Error 179

Below listed are methods to tackle with quickbooks rebuild error 179 to suit yourself to find the solution to your problem. It is always recommended that you create a backup file of your data before performing these solutions.

resolve quickbooks error 179

Update your Bank Related Data 

There is a possibility of disparities in the bank account details, which makes it difficult for QuickBooks to accumulate the data. Make sure the data is matched and updated. 

update bank related data

  • Run QuickBooks> click on the ‘Tools’ tab.
  • In the ‘Menu’, Click ‘Online Center’ >Click ‘Financial Institution’> choose your bank.
  • Press Ctrl+F3>Select ‘Contact Info’.
  • Now set your Profile and other information. Make changes and click on ‘Update’.
  • Then enter your password>Select ‘Update Now’>add information.

After you update QuickBooks, you can start accessing your account and check. Now, it shall work if not then further changes need to be made. Moreover, while updating QuickBooks Desktop if you have encountered QuickBooks Update Error 15270 then try performing a clean install of QuickBooks to troubleshoot this error.

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Log Out from Other devices

Make sure that the login credentials are not used by anyone or on other devices, if the same is the case then logout. This can be your reason for quickbooks error code 179. 

Check Login Details 

Another common problem is that you are putting wrong credentials during the login process. You need to check the details by following these

  • In the Internet Browser > Go to Bank’s Login Page 
  • Enter your Login Credentials> Click on Sign in/Login
  • If you are logged in then process to update, if not then you’ll receive a message for incorrect credentials.

You can reset your password like you would normally do. 

Clear your Browsing Cache

The other reason can be late loading of your data. This late can be because of the cache in your browser. These steps can be followed to clear up your browsing data.

clear browsing cache

  •  In Google Chrome> press Ctrl+H
  • Option to clear the browsing history will appear.
  • Now, click on it to clear the history and cache data.
  • Try logging in again to check if the data is cleared and you are able to load the files.

Firstly, you have to close the QuickBooks software. Then you need to install and download QuickBooks Tool Hub. you can download it from the official website of QuickBooks. Finally you can double click the icons on the window.

Use QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

quickbooks file doctor

It is very easy to install and download the QuickBooks tool but firstly you need to close the QuickBooks software. You are supposed to install by agreeing to all the terms and conditions. Finally you can double click on the windows icon and you are done. 

How to Download QuickBooks File Doctor Tool
  • The most recent version of QuickBooks File Doctor Tool should be downloaded. The version can be checked from clicking on the ‘Home’ tab.      
  • Now, open the downloaded file QuickBooksToolHub.exe.
  • Further steps can be followed that are given on the page itself and terms and conditions should be agreed.
 Run QuickBooks File Doctor 
  • Select ‘Company File Issues’.
  • Click ‘Quick Fix my File’.
  • Now, press ‘OK’.
  • Then launch your QuickBooks.
Run QuickBooks File Doctor
  • Go to Tool Hub> Select ’Company File Issues’.
  • Select> ‘Run QuickBooks File Doctor’.

(It takes few minutes to open the QuickBooks File Doctor, if by any mens it doesn’t open you can open it manually by searching QuickBooks Desktop File Doc).

  • In QuickBooks File Doctor, select>your company file from ‘Menu’. It can also be reached by ‘Browse and Search’.
  • Click ‘Check Your File’>’Continue’.
  • Enter your login credentials>’Next’.

After performing these steps it might show that your process was unsuccessful, but it has already made changes.

The Bottom Line

The main motive of this article was to enlighten you with the quickBooks error code 179 and the methods to fix the problem. Hopefully, you were able to understand Quickbooks error 179 and why it is caused and finally how to rectify it.