quickbooks payroll update error ps033

Troubleshooting Guide For QuickBooks Error PS033

QuickBooks is accounting software that handles all the account-related operations for all-size businesses. It is a very user-friendly software for accounting purposes. But as you know, it is software, so it also has some glitches. One such error is QuickBooks Error PS033 occurs if your CPS folder has a corrupted file. As a result, your QuickBooks works are affected. You are unable to download the current payroll updates. You can’t open the QBs company file. When you face this PS033 error, you will notify the error messages stating: “QuickBooks can’t read your payroll setup files. [Error PS033]”. 

In this article, we will discuss all the reasons along with its signs and symptoms that help to find out the QuickBooks error PS033. We will also provide the best solutions to fix this QuickBooks error effectively.

Possible Reasons of QuickBooks Error PS033

There are numerous reasons that can lead to the ps033 error QuickBooks 2016. By having the knowledge of its causes you can cut this error off from its roots. You can also prevent this error from happening in the future.

  • This error can occur if the QuickBooks Desktop is broken.
  • It can also occur if the payroll subscription has not been activated.
  • In case you have not updated the QuickBooks software to its latest version.
  • There can be multiple active payrolls in the inactive Direct Deposit agreement.
  • If you have used the wrong service key.
  • Another reason that can lead to this error is the use of an invalid company file Employer Identification Number (EIN).
  • Wrong PSID can also give birth to this error.
  • The Windows version you are using could be outdated.

Indications of QuickBooks Error Ps033

Here we are going to discuss all the symptoms through which you can understand this QuickBooks payroll update error

  • An error message pops up on your screen saying “QuickBooks can’t read your payroll setup files. [Error PS033]”.”
  • QuickBooks payroll updates are not downloading or installing properly.
  • The QuickBooks Payroll Update Error PS033 appears when you try to run payroll or access employee information.
  • QuickBooks Payroll functions are not working as expected due to the ps033 error QuickBooks 2016.

If you see any of these symptoms, it means that your QuickBooks software is facing the QuickBooks Payroll Update Error PS033 issue. This error can cause many problems and can make it difficult to run your payroll smoothly. 

How to Fix QuickBooks Error PS033?

You have to follow each solution one by one until you get the grasp of the error that suits your condition. Also, do not forget to create a backup of your important QB file to prevent data loss.

Solution 1: Updating the Payroll 

payroll update quickbooks ps033 error

You have to update the payroll to resolve the QuickBooks payroll error ps033. Here is what you have to do.

  • Firstly, open the QuickBooks desktop software.
  • Now, you have to click the Get Payroll Updates option in the Employees tab.
  • Next, select the Download Entire Payroll Update option.
  • Simply choose the Update option.

Solution 2: Renaming the CPS Folder

  • First of all, visit C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks 20nn\Components\Payroll.
  • You now have to search for the CPS folder in the file destination.
  • Simply right-click on it and choose the name option. Change the CPS folder to CP SOLD.
  • Finally, update your QuickBooks payroll tax table.
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Solution 3: Cease UAC

windows user accout settings

  • To do this, firstly go to User Accounts. You can simply search it on the search bar of the start menu.
  • Now, select the option named Change User Account Control Settings.
  • Here you have to Disable the User Account Control (UAC).

Solution 4: Reboot Your Computer 

Often comes the time when you forget to reboot your computer after the system or application update. The windows operating system needs to restart to save the changes. So, you can try rebooting your system to check if the error still persists or not.

Solution 5: Configure FCS

  • First of all, you need to close the QuickBooks desktop application.
  • Open the start menu and then select Computer. Select the option of Manage.
  • From the left pane, you have to select Applications.
  • Next, you have to select Services from the right pane.
  • Further, you have to double-click on the Intuit QuickBooks FCS option.
  • After that, choose Startup type from the general tab. Then click on Manual.
  • Once done, hit the apply option.
  • Select start and then click Ok.
  • Also, Launch QuickBooks software and download the QuickBooks product updates.
  • Finally, update the payroll tax table.

Solution 6:  Update Windows

windows update

You have to update the Windows operating system to the latest version to make it compatible with the QuickBooks Desktop version.

  • Firstly, click on the start option, and in the search bar type the update option. Then press enter.
  • Then, select the updater option from the results.
  • Click on Check for updates. It will take the Windows server a few minutes to check for any available Windows updates.
  • You just have to click the Download and install option when the update appears.
  • When the process gets completed you will have to restart your system.

Solution 7: Update QuickBooks

QB Update

  • Firstly, launch the QuickBooks desktop application. Now, open the help menu. Select the Update QuickBooks option.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the latest version of QuickBooks.
  • After the completion of the update, restart your computer.

Wrapping Up!

We have mentioned all the reasons along with the indications. These were the methods to eradicate the ps033 QuickBooks Error. Hopefully, they were intact to fix the issue you are facing. Do not forget to check out other articles on our website. They are going to help you in many ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I fix a QuickBooks error code?

There are a few things you can do to fix a QuickBooks error code. First, try restarting your computer. This will often resolve the issue. If that doesn’t work, try opening QuickBooks in Safe Mode. To do this, hold down the CTRL key while double-clicking on the QuickBooks icon. This will launch QuickBooks with a reduced feature set and may help to resolve the issue. 

If neither of those solutions work, you may need to uninstall and then reinstall QuickBooks. You can do this by going to the Control Panel and selecting “Add or Remove Programs.” Locate QuickBooks in the list of installed programs and click on “Remove.” Once QuickBooks is uninstalled, restart your computer and then download and install the latest version from the QuickBooks website. 

Q2. How do I reset QuickBooks POS?

To reset your QuickBooks POS system, you will need to sign in as the admin, or sysadmin. From there, navigate to the Employees menu & choose the Employee List. Find the employee whose password you wish to change, & choose the option Change Password. Enter & confirm the new password, and then tap on Save. Once you have completed these steps, your QuickBooks POS system should be reset.