How to resolve QuickBooks Error 6000 301

Complete Guide To Resolve Quickbooks Error 6000 301

Quickbooks is a top-notch tool for different medium or small-sized businesses today. One of the most vital components of Quickbooks is the company files. Since this vital component is used by users in many possible ways, the errors or bugs associated with it are inevitable. These errors may make it QuickBooks difficult to perform any sort of accounting activity. One of such errors is Quickbooks error 6000 301. This error code is one of the most encountered 6000 series errors faced by users.

The Quickbooks error 6000,301 is encountered by users whenever they try to access a certain desktop company file. Resolving this error might need a good grasp of Intuit software. However, if you are facing this error and looking for ways in which you can resolve it, you have landed on the right article.

We have elaborated on all the possible causes, symptoms, or indications of this error and accurate methods to resolve it without any external tool. Stay till the end to find the most appropriate and efficient way to resolve the Quickbooks error 6000,301.

What is Quickbooks Error 6000 301?

Quickbooks error 6000 301 is one of the most common 6000 series errors faced by Quickbooks users while accessing the company files on their desktop. You can encounter this error while accessing the company file on various Quickbooks variants or versions. As a result of this error, you might not be able to open Quickbooks or access the company file to perform any specific accounting operations.

quickbooks error 6000 and 301: Error message

One of the major reasons behind this error is usually a corrupted or damaged company file. The error message displayed on the screen when Quickbooks error 6000 301 is encountered states that

“An error occurred when cookbooks desktop tried to access the company file. Please try again later,” Followed by asking you to check the details. Once this error is encountered, your Quickbooks desktop will shut down immediately after tapping on the OK button on the prompt screen message.

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Causes Of Quickbooks Error 6000 301

There are many possible reasons why your desktop is showing this error. All such causes are related to the company file or the current version of Quickbooks you are using. Determining the reason why Quickbooks is showing this error is an initial step toward resolving it.

Following are the general and all the possible reasons why your desktop is showing Quickbooks errors 6000 and 301:

Since 6000 series errors are associated with a corrupted or damaged company file, similarly, Quickbooks errors 6000 and 301 are encountered when Quickbooks supported files are not available or are damaged. Such Quickbooks supported files include:

  • Transaction log file on Quickbooks
  • The data source name file
  • Network descriptor file
  1. This error is also common in A situation where your .QBW file is damaged or corrupted
  2. The database name file available on your desktop is damaged or corrupted.
  3. If you try to install encrypted software, The process of operating Quickbooks will be hindered.
  4. In case you are trying to open the Quickbooks desktop company file, and the same file is located in the hard disk offer desktop, which is simultaneously accessing the Quickbooks database server manager, this error can arise.
  5. The Quickbooks software you are using is outdated and needs an update with the latest Quickbooks software launched by intuit.

Symptoms Of Quickbooks Error 

There are certain factors that indicate the Presence of Quickbooks error code 6000 and 301 on your desktop. Following are the most general symptoms of Quickbooks Error Code 6000 And 301:

  • You are unable to open or access the corrupted company file
  • The Quickbooks application is responding slower than usual to any inputs via keyboard or mouse
  • Quickbooks is asking you to recreate the company file to access it freely
  • You require Quickbooks desktop support files. Else you are not able to use Quickbooks.

Any of these symptoms, along with an error message, confirms the presence of Quickbooks error 6000 301. Once you are sure that your desktop is under the influence of this error, jump to the troubleshooting techniques listed in the next section.

Methods To Resolve Quickbooks Error 6000 301

You can easily resolve the Quickbooks “error code -6000, -301” using various techniques and methods. Following are the efficient and most accurate methods to resolve the Quickbooks error 6000 301:

Method 1: Create A Copy Of Company Files On The Desktop

To resolve this error, you can simply follow the steps given below and copy your company files on the desktop:

  • Firstly create a new folder on your desktop by right-clicking on the mouse and selecting the new and then folder option.
  • Then, go to the folder or location where the company files are saved currently.
  • Now, select the files and right-click on them. from the next menu, select the copy option. You can also hit ctrl+C to copy the files.
  • Go to the desktop and tap on the folder you created. Once you open this folder, paste the copied files into this location.
  • Once done, hold the ctrl key for a few seconds. Keep the hold on the Ctrl key until the no company open window is displayed on the screen.
  • On this window, search for open or restore an existing company file option and tap on it.
  • Now, tap on the open a company file option. Then click on next.
  • In the new folder, search for the desktop company files carefully.
  • Once located, simply tap on the open option and proceed.
  • You will now be able to access the file easily. In case this method does not help, jump to the next method of troubleshooting this error.

Method 2: Update Your Quickbooks Desktop

Another efficient way to resolve the Quickbooks error 6000 301 is by updating your Quickbooks desktop and replacing it with the latest version of this accounting software. Follow the steps given below to update Quickbooks with the latest version:

  • First of all, simply close all the tabs related to Quickbooks and Quickbooks company files.
  • Now, tap on the start button and continue.
  • On the start window, go to the search bar and insert Quickbooks desktop, and tap on search. Look for the Quickbooks desktop tab
  • Once found, right-click on the icon and tap on Run as administrator from the next menu.
  •  This will open the no company open window on your screen.
  • On this window, select the help option and open the tab. Now, click on the update Quickbooks desktop option on this menu.

quickbooks error code -6000, -301: Open Help tab

  • From this screen, click on the options button to open this tab and tick all the boxes by tapping on Mark all options. Once done, tap on the save option.
  • Then, tap on the update now option and choose the reset update option and proceed.
  • Lastly, tap on the get updates option and finish the process.

QuickBooks Update

Once you update your Quickbooks desktop, you will be able to resolve this error and operate your accounting software without any hindrance; however, if this method does not help you in resolving the error, move to the next one.

Method 3: Install And Run Quickbooks File Doctor

Quickbooks file doctor is a technical tool specifically designed by experts to resolve all the file-related errors on Quickbooks. This tool can help you to diagnose and resolve the Quickbooks file errors easily and conveniently. If you do not have Quickbooks file doctor on your desktop already, follow the steps given below to install and run Quickbooks file doctor on your device:

  • First of all, download the Quickbooks file doctor from a known source and go to the download location. Here, tap on the file having a .exe extension to initiate the installation process.

QuickBooks File Doctor Setup

  • The Quickbooks will open itself; otherwise, search for the Quickbooks desktop file doctor icon on your desktop.
  • Now, on the drop-down menu, find the company file you wish to open. You can easily click on the browse tab also, and after that, click on continue.

quickbooks error code 6000 and 301: Choose file

  • Once done, simply file damage and network connectivity options and move forward.
  •  The screen will ask you to insert the password. Insert the appropriate password here and tap on next
  • Now, tap on the server or workstation option on the screen. This choice is based on the device on which you will run the Quickbooks desktop file doctor. Carefully select the appropriate option.
  • Tap on the yes option while running the tool on the system hosting the company files. Then tap on no option.
  • At last, tap on the finish to complete the diagnosis.
  • Once errors are diagnosed, simply resolve the issues and go back to performing accounting operations easily. 

Method 4: Rename The Quickbooks Files

One of the easiest ways to resolve Quickbooks error 6000 301 is by simply renaming the Quickbooks support files with specific extensions, i.e., tlg, ND, and .dsn, with appropriate text. To do the same, carefully follow the steps given below:

  • Firstly, go to the folder where all of your Quickbooks program files are stored.
  • From this menu, select only the files. Nd, TLG, and. DSN extensions. Ensure that the name of these files will be exactly the same as your Quickbooks company files. The only extension will differ.
  • Go to these files individually and right-click on each. For each file from the redirected menu, select the rename option.
  • Now you add.OLD extension to each file name. Make sure you add this extension after the existing extension so that the file names have both extensions in the form “.ND.OLD” and such.
  • Once done, close the tab and return to the Quickbooks application again.
  • Open the Quickbooks application to ensure that your software is working properly. Else, go to the next method

Method 5: Disable Any Encryption Software

One of the most common reasons why Quickbooks is showing error code 6000 301 is due to encryption software. To make sure that Quickbooks runs appropriately, you will have to disable the encryption software on your device. However, closing this software is different for each device; hence make sure you do it properly before trying to operate Quickbooks again. After Turning off the encryption software, make sure you reboot your system and try to open the Quickbooks application again on your desktop.

This will resolve the Quickbooks error 6000 301 easily on your device and enable you to use all the accounting operations easily and seamlessly.


Quickbooks error 6000,301 is a common 6000 series error encountered by users while accessing a certain company file. You can easily resolve this error on your device by using certain techniques and troubleshooting methods. 

However, if these methods are unable to fix the Quickbooks 6000 301 error, you can contact the Quickbooks customer service for personal technical guidance. This customer service is available for users located in different corners of the world. You can submit your query via email or 24*7 available contact numbers and get appropriate guidance.