quickbooks payroll update error 12029


Whenever the QuickBooks application fails to connect with the server, you can encounter the QuickBooks error 12029. The main reasons that cause this error are the internet latency and firewall settings. This error belongs to the 1200 series of QB errors.

These kinds of errors are like thorns in heaven. You might be using the interface of QuickBooks smoothly and out of the blue, this error pops up. This is a real bummer. Anyway, you don’t have to get all nerved up. We are here to help you.

We will make you understand this error in detail. You just have to follow each and every solution carefully. So, without sparing any more time let’s get this article started.

Possible causes of QuickBooks error 12029

Well, there are both external and internal factors that govern this error. Both types of causes have been discussed here. You can avoid this error in the future by keeping these causes in mind.

External causes of QuickBooks error 12029

  • The internet security or improper firewall setting could be blocking the functions of QuickBooks.
  • Another possible reason is that during the payroll update there was a network timeout.
  • Your SSL would be improperly configured.
  • You could be using an unsupported internet browser.
  • There could be a loss of internet packet data.

Internal causes of QuickBooks error 12029

  • QuickBooks can have connectivity failures. This usually means that QuickBooks is not being able to connect with the server.
  • Your QuickBooks software could be encountering update timeout.
  • Another possible cause is that QuickBooks is not permitted to access the server.

Now that we know the causes, it will be easy for us to solve this error. Let’s have a look at what the solutions are.

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The Solutions of QuickBooks payroll update error 12029

There are multiple solutions to this error. You have to try out each solution one by one until you figure out the correct solution. Also, do not forget to create a backup of your important files to avoid any kind of data loss.

Solution 1: Configuring SSL settings to fix QuickBooks error 12029

The SSL settings need to be top-notch. The correct SSL settings are vital for the working of QuickBooks. So, you can easily understand how the turntables would if SSL has been configured improperly. To do this, launch internet explorer. Now, open internet options. You will see the advanced section on the upper pane. Adjust the TLS and SSL settings as per the image given below. Finally, click Ok.

quickbooks error 12029 updating

Solution 2: Modifying QuickBooks payroll and updates

quickbooks error 12029 fix

This is one of the payroll update errors. Modifying the payroll settings will help is resolving this error. Here is what you have to do.

  • First of all, turn off your internet.
  • After a few minutes turn on the internet again.
  • Launch the QuickBooks desktop software and then select the company file.
  • Now, simultaneously press the ctrl+k keys on your keyboard.
  • A new window will pop up.
  • Choose the edit tab from the upper pane.
  • Finally, you have to untick the open payroll setup option.

Solution 3: Updating Windows

Windows updates contain major bug fixes and additional features. In case, you have not updated your Windows, it is time that you do that. Your device demands an upgrade in the operating system. To do this, open windows all programs and then navigate to windows update. Now, choose the check for updates button. You are all set for the update to get installed.


Solution 4: Check your internet connection

internet issues of QuickBooks

In QuickBooks error, 12029 internet connectivity is a crucial factor. Your computer has to have a well-established internet connection to perform the tasks in QuickBooks. In case, your device does not have a steady and stable connection then it is cent percent that you will encounter this error. So, ensure that you are getting a decent ping to get QB going. If you don’t, contact your service provider to deal with the internet speed.

Solution 5: Update QuickBooks

Having the latest version of QuickBooks is important. You must download and install the latest version of QuickBooks if you don’t have it already.

QuickBooks update

  • Initially, open QuickBooks desktop. Now, select the help menu.
  • Next, choose Update QuickBooks.
  • You will see a list of versions appearing in front of you. You will have to choose the very latest version of QuickBooks with critical fixes.
  • Reboot your computer after installing the update.

The methods to solve this error have been introduced to you. We hope that they were very effective in your case. If so, do check out other articles, they could be of your interest. They surely are intriguing and productive.