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QuickBooks has Stopped Working and Responding Error [Solved]

It’s devastating when you complete all of your accounting tasks on time but all of a sudden the QuickBooks outlook is not responding message pops up.  The QuickBooks not responding error can occur out of the blue. Well, you are not the only one dealing with this error. Many users face this error commonly.

Also, it is not that hard to eliminate this error from your QuickBooks software. In fact, with the help of this article, you can eradicate this error in just a matter of time. We will make sure that you don’t face this error ever again. You will learn the meaning, causes, and most importantly the solutions to this frustrating error. So, without any delay let’s get into it!

What is the QuickBooks not responding error?Quickbooks not Responding error

The QuickBooks not responding when the opening is an error that happens when you try to open the QuickBooks software. It can also occur while saving data or payroll. This error occurs because something went wrong with the server or the files which in turn is causing chaos while opening the QuickBooks Desktop software.

What are the causes of  QuickBooks not responding error?

This error can be caused because of a number of reasons. Some of them have been listed below.

  • The company name is very colossal. It is bigger than the usual space provided due to which the QuickBooks desktop application cannot be opened.
  • The file named QBWUSER.INI has gone corrupted or broken.
  • Your hard drive might be damaged.
  • The program files may have gone corrupted.
  • The QuickBooks desktop has ceased to function in its highest standards.
  • Your windows operating system may have gone corrupted.

What are the signs of this error?

These are the signs that indicate the presence of this error. You can quickly identify this error using these signs.

  • Your system suddenly shuts down without any warning.
  • The QuickBooks software in your computer ceases to perform any kinds of tasks.
  • The device gets a freezer and does not respond to the commands.
  • The QuickBooks desktop does not open.

Now that we know the causes and signs of the outlook is not responding to QuickBooks error, it is time for us to understand the solutions that can easily fix this error. So, let’s have look at them one by one.

Solutions of QuickBooks not responding Error

We will figure out the best solution for you. To do that you will have to try out each of the solutions one by one until you find out the one that suits the best for you. Also, it is recommended that you create a backup of your data to avoid any kind of data loss.

Solution 1: Using the QuickBooks system repair tool

You just have to use this amazing tool. It will automatically detect the issue and resolve it in just minutes. Here’s what you have to do for this.

  • First of all, download the QuickBooks repair tool from intuit’s official website.
  • Save this folder in a place where you can locate it easily. Like the Windows Desktop.
  • You will have to shut down all the programs and applications that are running in the background.
  • After that, simply install the QuickBooks repair tool into your computer. You only have to follow the instructional window to install it.
  • Now, after the installation, launch the software.
  • You will have to browse the folder or file in which you faced this error.
  • After choosing the file, simply click on continue.
  • It will take about twenty minutes for the scan to get completed.
  • After the completion of the scan, hopefully, the error would be resolved.
  • Once the error is fixed you will have to restart your computer.

Solution 2: Turn off the antivirus and re-start the device

If the above method didn’t do wonders for you, then you can try this one out. It may help you. You just have to disable your anti-virus and then restart your computer.

Third-party antiviruses sometimes tend to block the functioning of QuickBooks. So, disabling them temporarily can rectify this error. To do this, you just have to uninstall your anti-virus and then restart your system.

Solution 3: QuickBooks clean install

A clean install is a perfect way to eliminate all the damaged files. This will help in resolving the QuickBooks not responding error also. Here is how you can do this.

  • First of all, a backup of the company file has to be made while keeping a copy of the QB’s license files.
  • Now, all you have to do is start your computer in startup mode. This will avoid the intervention of other software.
  • You have to uninstall the software of QuickBooks, after that reinstall it.
  • After the completion of the installation, you have to switch to the normal desktop mode.
  • You can also download the QuickBooks tool hub software to conduct a clean install.
  • Just download and install it. Afterward, launch the software.
  • Now, go to the installation issue tab and press the clean install button. This will automatically do its work, you just have to wait.

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Solution 4: Renaming the INI file

  • Open the run window and type in QBWUSER.INI
  • Now open the tab and you will see a window like this.

INI file

  • Just right click on the INI file and rename it.

Solution 5: Accessing the file from another location

If you access the file from a different file location then there is a huge chance that this error may get rectified. You just have to follow these steps in order to do this.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to press the Windows+E keys simultaneously.
  • You will see a new window opening up.
  • Simply, find the data file having the .qbw extension.
  • When you spot it, simply right-click on it and select copy.
  • Now, go to the C drive and create a new folder.
  • You have to name the folder as QBtest.
  • Open this newly created folder and paste the .qbw file in it.
  • Simply open QuickBooks while holding the Ctrl key.
  • You will have to select Open or Restore an Existing Company.
  • The final step is to open the QBtest file and see if the error is still persisting or not.


Hopefully, these methods could rectify the error that you were facing. these are really powerful methods and have the potential to eradicate the error that you are facing. Also, if you liked this post you will also like the other informative articles by us. Don’t forget to check how to fix QuickBooks Sync Manager Error.

If your error still exists, you have to contact the customer care service of INTUIT. Their efficient team will surely help you out.