Fix QuickBooks Error 1334

Methods To Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 1334 [Solved]

QuickBooks is the most accessible and used accounting software by small businesses. There are few errors that occur while performing your task in the QuickBooks, one of which is quickbooks error 1334. This technical error occurs while installing, updating, or repairing QuickBooks. It is not difficult to install or update QuickBooks but sometimes users might face errors like error 1334.

In this article we are gonna talk about what is Quickbooks error code 1334 in detail, what is the reason behind its occurrence, what are its impacts and we will learn professional ways to resolve it. 

What is QuickBooks Error 1334 ?

As we have talked earlier, QuickBooks error 1334 is another kind of error that one can face while updating, installing or repairing QuickBooks. The error is accompanied by a notification which says: 

Error 1334. Error writing to file [file name]. Verify that you have access to that directory.

Error 1334. The file cannot be installed. Insert the QuickBooks CD and retry.

QuickBooks Error 1334 is one of the very common problems that is faced by the users, the instance behind these problems and how to resolve them is given in this article, read to know accessible and professional ways to resolve error 1334.

Instances of the Presence of this Error

quickbooks error 1334

  • While restarting your Windows or shutting down your windows.
  • It can also be experienced while installing QuickBooks software or even using it.

Root Causes Behind the QuickBooks Error 1334

The below mentioned pointers are a few of the observable causes for the appearance of QuickBooks error 1334. 

  1. A virus or malicious malware can be one of the many reasons for the occurrence of the error that has caused obstacles in installing, updating or repairing QuickBooks.
  2. The important files related to QuickBooks may have been deleted or are corrupt.
  3. The .NET framework of Microsoft may have been damaged or is missing.
  4. Another reason can be incomplete or corrupted installation or updation of the QuickBooks software.
  5. Maybe the company file extension is inaccurate.

Impact of QuickBooks Error 1334

The cause of the QuickBooks error 1334 is prone to have impacts, they indicate the problem. Below mentioned are the impacts that users can face. One can lookout for the related impact and resolve it accordingly.

  • Your system stops functioning from time to time. It will periodically halt and stop your work from time to time.
  • The input commands will also respond slowly to the operating system.
  • The active program window crashes due to the popup message for the error 1334.
  • The QuickBooks software does not work properly.

Resolve QuickBooks Error 1334 

There are many methods to resolve QB Error. The Quickbooks error code 1334 can be resolved under three conditions, the conditions are as follows:

Condition 1: When the error appears while installing QuickBooks 

Solution: If the quickbook error 1334 appears while installing QuickBooks then you need to run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool which will identify the issue and fix it. Then, Microsoft.NET Framework needs to be reinstalled and repaired. After performing these steps you can now install QuickBooks again and check for improvements.

How to reinstall Microsoft .NET Framework

  • Go to the start menu and click on the Control Panel on your desktop.
  • Click ‘Programs’
  • Windows Tab>choose ‘Turn Off/On’
  • Select the checkbox right next to Microsoft . NET Framework.
  • Check if it is marked then click ‘Ok’.
  • Windows will complete the process..
  • If asked for Windows Update, click Yes.

Now, for the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool, you can download it from the official website of QuickBooks and run the tool so that it can identify and fix the problems.

Condition 2: Appearance of error while updating or repairing 

quickbooks error clean install

Solution: In this situation, you are supposed to use the clean install tool. QuickBooks Desktop. The update should be done in quickbooks safe mode. Sometimes before performing this step you need to reinstall QuickBooks software. The uninstalling and reinstalling of the software clears up all the unwanted data and presents you with the updated software. 

How to uninstall and install the QuickBooks software.

The program can be added or removed by following these pointers.

  • Press ‘Window Key’>type ‘MSConfig’ under the ‘Search programs and files’ box.
  • Click ‘Boot Tab’>’Safe Boot’>’Network’
  • Click ‘Ok’>’Restart’>Restart in ‘Safe Mode’
  • Now the program will ‘run’.
  • Then you can ‘open’ and ‘Run’ the software QuickBooks without any glitch.
  • Open ‘QuickBooks Desktop’> Go to ‘Help’>’Update QuickBooks’.
  • Go to the start menu>write ‘MSConfig’>deselect ‘Safe Mode’.
  • Finally you can restart your desktop.

Furthermore a popup notification will appear to install, after all this the changes might have taken place. This is the most effective way to resolve quickbooks error 1334. 

Condition 3: Quickbooks error 1334 while opening the application

Solution: If the error appears while opening or launching QuickBooks then one needs to open the QuickBooks company file in order to fix the issue.

  • Firstly, find the Company’s file from where you saved it. Then search for the file with the .qbw file extension.
  • Now, open the file by double clicking on it. 

After using this, the issue may have been resolved. 


These were some professional aids to resolve quickbooks error 1334. This article can be your way through if you are facing error 1334 you can follow these guidelines to tackle your issue. This error of QuickBooks comes under various conditions; all the conditions are mentioned with the solutions. The utter motive behind this article is to give you clarification on QuickBooks Error 1334. For any further assistance, you can always get back to us 24×7.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I delete the QuickBooks ND file?

The QuickBooks ND file is a configuration file that QuickBooks uses to connect to your company file. This file contains information such as the location of your company file and your login information. 

If you are having trouble connecting to your company file, you may need to delete this file and recreate it. To do this, open the QuickBooks Desktop folder on your computer and delete the following files: qbw.nd, qbuser.nd, and qbprint.nd. Once these files have been deleted, restart QuickBooks and try opening your company file again.

Q2. How do I run QBDBMgrN?

QBDBMgrN is a QuickBooks Database Manager that helps to keep your QuickBooks data file organized and running smoothly. To run QBDBMgrN, open the QuickBooks software on your computer and go to the File menu. There, you will see an option called “QBDBMgrN.” Click on that, and the program will open. If you have any questions or problems with using QBDBMgrN, you can contact QuickBooks support for help.