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Fixing Error Code 1304 with QuickBooks (Causes and Solutions)

QuickBooks is accounting software that was created specifically for microenterprises to help them manage their accounts and money with less hassle. It manages and pays invoices, performs payroll duties, and accepts payments to help small and medium-sized enterprises manage their accounts and money. In this post, we will learn about error 1304.

 However, various issues may arise as a result of faulty operating system elements or a QuickBooks installation problem. Error 1304 is a regular problem for QuickBooks customers, and it usually arises whenever they upgrade QuickBooks or install an application. 

This post can assist you in correcting problem 1304 by doing a few basic procedures, but first, let us look at what the error is all about and further the reasons causing the issue.

Understanding QuickBooks Error 1304

Error Code 1304 with QuickBooks is a Windows error that may show in a variety of different Windows apps, not just QuickBooks. However, this error might be caused by a problem with the installation CD, or a damaged.NET part.

The most common cause of Error 1304 is a problem with the installation CD where you saved your QuickBooks configuration file. However, there are a few additional causes that might cause QuickBooks to write to file error 1304.

error 1304 error writing to file

The error message that prompts on your screen says “Error writing file [THBImg45.dll]. 

What Triggers Error 1304 in QuickBooks?

Error 1304 error writing to file is most commonly caused by problems with the installation CD that includes the QuickBooks installation media, but other factors can there are other factors that can lead to error as well. Aside from that, there are a few other factors that we highlighted before.

  • The issue with the CD Drive is one of the most prevalent causes of this sort of error. The installation CD for QuickBooks is broken.
  • If the QuickBooks software becomes obsolete.
  • The problem can also be caused by a Corrupted Microsoft.NET Framework when upgrading QuickBooks.

Few Signs and Symptoms that Prompt on the Windows

  • When this happens, an error text appears on your display, breaking the current window.
  • In addition, the system becomes sluggish, and the interface receives no data input.
  • QuickBooks stops operating correctly as a result of the problem, and you may be unable to complete your accounting tasks using the program. 
  •  It causes the QuickBooks installation to be interrupted by the error code 1304. 
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Top 5 Methods and Solutions to Error 1304 in QuickBooks

Quick-Books A faulty Quick-Books update or download causes error code 1304 to occur. Users must use the procedures given below to resolve the 1304 problem writing to file QuickBooks. Therefore, take a look:

Solution 1: On a new device Share CD-ROM

  • To get started, you’ll need to place the QuickBooks installation Disc into a networked system.
  • If the download starts on its own, you simply exit the window by clicking “Quit.”
  • Go to Windows File Manager, right-click the “CD-ROM” and choose Sharing and Security from the menu.
  • After that, ensure the “Share this folder” checkbox is chosen.
  • Then, click Apply and then “OK.”
  • After that, click right on the My Computer symbol and select Properties. After that, choose the Computer Name.
  • Now, on the device that you wish to download QuickBooks, concurrently click the Windows + R keys.
  • In addition, type the name of the computer having the QuickBooks CD.
  • Double-click the alphabet of the CD drive after pressing the Enter key.
  • Finally, click the setup file to start the download.

Solution 2: Advanced Data Settings (Restore manually)

If the previous approach fails, the user can try an alternative option, which is the Expert computer user solution. The following are the stages involved in this procedure:

Error code 1304 with QuickBooks

  • Logging in as the system operator is the very first part of the procedure.
  • After that, press the start key. Choose All Programs > System Tools > Accessories, then Restore settings.
  • In the growing box, the user must then pick the “Restore my computer to an earlier mature” option.
  • Reorganize Reduction from “On the list, select a modernize reduction list” to “On the list, click a modernize reduction list” and then “Next.”
  • As soon as the restoration is finished, the system must be restarted.

Solution 3: Copy the Downloaded Application to Device’s Hard-Driver

  • The very first action is to put the CD into the CD drive. If the download procedure begins immediately, hit the ‘Quit’ button.
  • Right-click on the Windows Start button, then select “Explore.”
  • Then, before transferring the data, you must create a new folder in the appropriate position.
  • Ater, put ‘QuickBooks’ to make it the folder’s name.
  • From the left pane, right-click on the CD and select ‘Explore.’
  • Locate QuickBooks and the setup.exe file on the right side of the window.
  • To choose both the file and the folder, press and hold the Ctrl key.
  • Right-click any folder and select “Copy” from the menu.
  • Click on the QuickBooks folder you established previously and choose Properties.
  • To move the file from one area to another, hit “Paste.”
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Solution 4: Make use of the Reimage Repair Tool

QuickBooks error 1304 may be scanned, repaired, and detected with the reimage repair tool. Here is a step-by-step guide on utilizing the Reimage repair tool to remove such severe faults from the Quick-Books program.

error code 1304 with quickbooks

  • Users must first simply download the most recent version of Reimage Repair Tool from their main site.
  • To begin the installation procedure, locate the ‘Setup File’ in the uploaded folder and double-click.
  • Once you’ve installed the program, you may begin the scanning procedure.
  • When the diagnostic procedure is complete, a popup will display with a list of all the problems and technical difficulties that may be causing your system to malfunction.
  • Select the “Start Repair” icon to rectify similar issues.
  • Restart your computer after the repair procedure is finished.

Solution 5: Replace the Installation Files by using the Installation CD

The user can utilize the installation CD to replace the installation files in order to fix the problem. This may be accomplished by following the steps outlined below:

  1. The user must first transfer the installation files from the CD to the hard disc.
  2. Now, install QuickBooks from the previously transferred directories.
  3. The user should next go to the QuickBooks folder where the files were copied and open it.
  4. Double-click the setup.exe file to begin the activation procedure.
  5. And by far the last step is to finalize the installation by following the onscreen prompts.

Summing Up!

We believe that the strategies described in this blog helped you overcome QuickBooks error 1304 without difficulty. Troubleshooting QuickBooks problem 1304 necessitates a thorough understanding of Windows and its many components. However, by following the solutions step-by-step users can rectify the issue easily without any outside help.