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A Detailed Comparison of QuickBooks vs Quicken

Accounting is difficult typically, particularly once beginning the business from scratch ~ that’s why there’s a high demand for accounting software packages. The 2 major brands revolving around this field are QuickBooks and Quicken. Yes! it’s usually confusing to make your mind determine the suitable and suited accounting software package with high accounting standards. This is exactly why we have come up with this incredible comparison between the two popular software.  We’ll see a broader comparison of Quicken vs QuickBooks because we are going to cowl each and every delicate detail concerning each software package. This means you don’t have to waste your time searching for different websites, you will find the answers to all your questions right here.

So, without further ado let’s jump into it.


QuickBooks vs quicken

QuickBooks is a complete accounting software package developed and distributed by Intuit an American company. It mainly deals with small and medium-sized businesses and is more than sufficient for these business classes. Also, QB is equipped with the most modern accounting tools. These tools and features can be automated according to different business needs. QB has mobile and cloud-based versions that make it a handy accounting giant.

Quickbooks software is capable of conducting basic accounting functions like accepting business payments, managing and paying bills, and payroll functions. Along with that it also has high potential advanced features like remote access capabilities, remote payroll assistance and outsourcing, electronic payment functions, online banking and reconciliation, mapping features through integration with Google Maps, marketing options through Google, and improved e-mail functionality through Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.


quicken vs quickbooks

Quicken is a personal finance management tool developed by Quicken Inc. (formerly part of Intuit, Inc.). Quicken focuses on bank accounts, bank balances, transactions, and other types of investments. It also has additional features like family-sized budgeting, EMI, etc. 

As said earlier, Qb targets medium-sized businesses on a major scale whereas Quicken focuses more on individuals and families. This means Quicken is perfect for sole proprietorships and family-level business activities. It has everything that you may need to deal with small-level finances, this exclusively allows you to concentrate on every subtle perspective of income, expenditure, profit, loss, liability, and asset. 

What are the Main Differences Between Quicken and QuickBooks?

compare quickbooks vs quicken

You by now must have figured out the biggest difference between Quicken and QuickBooks. Yes! Quicken was particularly designed to serve solo and very small-sized businesses whereas QuickBooks main purpose is to fulfil the accounting needs of medium-sized businesses.  Even though Quicken can cherish solo and very small-scale businesses, it is nothing compared to what QuickBooks can do.

  • This specifically generates the idea that Quicken is more for side-hustle and starting from scratch type of businesses whereas QuickBooks is for well-established businesses with tight roots.
  • Qb comprises features like bookkeeping, accounting, and other financial management but Quicken does not have any of these features. 
  • Quicken does have different versions but it still lacks many features and is not capable of dealing finances of medium-sized businesses.

Now, let’s see the section-wise difference of both the software.

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Quicken is a software system that specializes in rental and property whereas QuickBooks majorly concentrates on tiny and medium-sized business owners.


QuickBooks is a cloud-based software system whereas Quicken is a non-cloud-based software system.

Payable Accounts:

Both Quickens and QuickBooks provide the facility to manage payable accounts. 

Receiving Accounts:

Both of the software provides the feature of managing receivable accounts. 


You get the option to generate statements in both QuickBooks and Quickens.


You can create an invoice in both the software. 

Online Payments:

Although both the software gives the function of online payments, Quicken only has transaction mode through Paypal whereas QuickBooks has many other options. 

Mileage Tracking:

Mileage tracking is available in QuickBooks but not in Quicken. 

Rental Property:

Quicken comes with the option of Rental property administration but QuickBooks has no such option. 


QuickBooks have got a payroll management tab whereas Quicken does not have such a tab. 


In QuickBooks, you can manage the 1099 contractors but not in Quicken. 

Access to the accountant:

QuickBooks gives accountants access whereas Quicken does not.

Mobile friendly:

You can use both the software on your mobile phone. 


Quicken has a yearly plan of about 100$ while QuickBooks lowest plan initiates from 25$ per month.  

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What are the Features?

quicken home and business vs quickbooks

We have understood the nutshell differences between Quicken vs QuickBooks, so let’s see what their features are.

Features of Quicken:

Quicken Home & Business contains almost all the features that are required for small-level businesses. Let’s have a look at what they are. 

  • Access to email rental and business reports.
  • Reports of Profit and loss
  • Categorizing personal, business, and family transactions
  • Tax deduction management tools
  • There is conjointly the flexibility to make invoices
  • A separate dashboard for reminders of forthcoming or unfinished bills
  • It conjointly provides the feature of rental reminders mistreatment Paypal
  • Tracking of all the aspect financial gain streams
  • Customer care through phone and email

Features of QuickBooks:

Let’s check out what QuickBooks has to offer to its users.

  • In Qb, you’ll keep account of the financial gain and expenses in multiple workplaces.
  • Arrangement of transactions to the various tax classes.
  • Organizing the order of receipts.
  • Customization of the invoices.
  • Online payments are often accepted.
  • Mileage trailing is another cool feature of QuickBooks.
  • Reports are often tailored in line with totally different desires.
  • Reports like statements of profit and loss, the record are often exported.
  • In the dashboard income and different reports are often unbroken track of.
  • Estimate reports are often tailored.
  • 1099 contractors are often caterpillar-tracked.
  • Different business accounts are often connected.
  • Printing of checks is often done.
  • The mobile app is out there.
  • Different plugins square measure obtainable.
  • Customer support and chat square measure obtainable.

This is like the basic features that you can grab in QuickBooks but with higher plans, you will get additional features.

What is the Price Difference?

Genuinely, it is not fair to compare the Quicken vs QuickBooks price range of both these software. This is because quality and features wise both of them are different. So, it is pretty obvious that their price ranges would be different too. 

Anyway, we still would have to. So, let’s see it.

Quicken pricing: 

Quicken is basically desktop-level software with only one version. So its pricing is also a mitigated one. It costs around 100$ annually. You will have to pay 99.99$ every year to secure your accounting using Quicken.   

QuickBooks pricing:

It has a different set of prices for the different user bases. Let’s check out what they are. 

Simple start: 25$ per month

Essentials: 40$ per month

Plus: 70$ per month

Advanced: 150$ per month

What is the level of Customer Satisfaction in Quicken vs QuickBooks?

quicken vs quickbooks

The next metric that we tend to area unit planning to use is the client satisfaction level that each of these software packages provides.  The ones who are specifically savvy this software package works and that have expertise with this software package. The client extremely is that the god, they recognize what they require and that they compare Quicken vs QuickBooks hesitate to illustrate any flaw, they conjointly demand additional options which let people recognize higher a few products particular SAAS primarily based merchandise.

Now, let’s see what the audience of this software package has got to say concerning the software package itself.

Quicken customer satisfaction:

Quicken really is amazing! That’s what the client reviews have to be compelled to say regarding this impressive software package. Folks have reviewed it as an easy and easy-to-use software package. It’s important to notice that it’s continually nice to own an associate accounting software package companion. Which is simple to use as a result of accounting is tough for those that square measure from completely different backgrounds. The better more happy the client would be. Despite how smart the software package is that if folks aren’t having the ability to know it and use it while not having a lot of a problem then what’s the full purpose of making it. Quicken is swish, elegant, and poised thus folks square measure willing to place in their penny thereon.

Coming to the negative reviews. Users have reported that whereas connecting Quicken to third-party apps their systems get modified and therefore the software package typically gets glitchy. This is often not an honest sign because it brings out the property issue within the software package.

QuickBooks customer satisfaction:

Obviously, it’s no marvel if we tend to tell you that QB contains a high audience rating. Individuals virtually praise this piece of software because it has created their lives most easier. Accounting has been created straightforward like never before. The foremost blue-eyed factor is that the volume of options. It provides even for tiny to medium-sized enterprises. They are saying this abundant level of sophistication permits them to tackle down complicated levelled accounting problems. Quickbook additionally permits varied third-party apps to urge connectedness.

Though it takes a jiffy to grasp each delicate detail regarding the software. It’s even as a result of there’s no difference thanks to building it easier. Also, it has separate sections for every and each task. Besides that, if the user is facing any issue with the software then there’s a resolution software known as the QuickBooks tool hub that permits the user to resolve their problems. This is free and comes in handy.

Coming to the negative facet of the Qb software, users say that it’s a touch of pure value for them particularly once the area unit begins out as a business owner.

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What are the advantages of Quicken vs QuickBooks? 

Both of this software are distinctive in their own means, in order that they have distinctive advantages. each of them targets completely different communities and a unique set of audiences, which makes them nice applications. Now, let’s wander around the blessings or advantages that this software has got to offer us, that’s how you’ll be able to decide that one is that the higher software for you.

Quicken advantages:

Quicken is incredibly completely different from QuickBooks, which makes it unique. Generally, there are 2 ways within which Quicken stands out from QuickBooks.

Initially, Quicken is software that has the potential to manage each personal and business level of economic accounting. You’ll be able to fly out with sensible colours if you’ve got a little business while taking care of your personal and your family’s monetary standing. Quicken is the correct alternative if that’s what you’re searching for.

It is necessary to stay a separation between your personal associated business finances as a result of keeping an account of each at a similar time isn’t straightforward. Particularly if you’re a beginner-level business person it will get tousled as a result of you’re simply beginning out and you are not understanding a lot concerning the ever-changing business situations.

Another advantage that Quicken has is its worth vary, it provides enough options for 99$ annually. That’s ample for coping with your personal finances. If you’re someone who needs that, then undoubtedly you’d wish to require a glance at the benefits of QB.

QuickBooks advantages:

Qb takes the high road and plays a stronger game. It has targeted little business homeowners and therefore provides a wider variety of accounting tools that will manifest all the accounting desires of a little business owner. Quicken, on the opposite hand, has lesser tools and options creating it vulnerable for tiny and medium-sized businesses.

It also has an automatic payroll performance and is capable of affecting online payment through completely different modes.

What is the other software that you can make use of?

There can be times when you want to separate your personal and business financial data. You might be just a person who is starting with your business, then you wouldn’t want to get into software like Qb because it can be quite expensive for you. Are there better options for a person like you? Yes, there are. Let’s have a look at them. 

Wave Accounting

Wave accounting is a business-centric accounting software package that may abate your budget to a really massive margin. This can progress to be the proper selection for you. You’ll be able to truly register for complimentary with ease online and set your bank details quickly.

Wave is nice in following financial gain and different expenses, It will produce and customize invoices, it’s sensible at scanning and managing receipts, It conjointly has the associate possibility of customizing your sales taxes. You’ll be able to connect a variety of payment modes thereto. Wave is additionally nice at causation out bills and reminders of invoices. The dashboard itself shows money balances and different invoice details.

Wave is price considering if you’re simply beginning out as a business person.

QuickBooks self-employed

qb self employed and quicken

If you’re a business one that is considering doing it as a freelance skill like being a freelancer, then QB freelancer is that an excellent selection for you. you may get all the essential tools that square measure needed to spice up your career and you’d not need to worry about keeping track of your money growing. With the assistance of a freelancer, you’ll be able to simply keep an eye fixed on everything notwithstanding you are doing not recognizing a lot concerning the money tasks. Also, it might assist you in saving heaps of your time as a result of it showing nearly everything to you in its dashboard itself.

Additionally, it conjointly offers you tax help that you simply may want for paying your taxes. Through this software package, you’ll be able to separate your personal and business info avoiding all the agitated conditions. The value of this software package is simply USD fifteen per month. it’s an excellent deal that’s price giving a trial.

Winding up!

So this was a detailed comparison of Quicken home and business vs QuickBooks. We hope that you could find everything you were looking for in this Quicken vs QuickBooks for the small business guide. Do check out other articles on our website. They are going to be of great help to you.