QuickBooks Runtime Redistributable

QuickBooks Runtime Redistributable: Updated Guide 2022

QuickBooks Runtime Redistributable is a type of issue that occurs when your computer system gets damaged or corrupted by Microsoft Visual C++. MS Visual C++ program is basically used to launch QuickBooks Desktop. This program is automatically installed on your computer while you install the QuickBooks Desktop. You need to uninstall and install again this program if you want to begin a new program.

If you face the QuickBooks Runtime Redistributable error, you just have to download & install the new package of Microsoft Visual C++ which keeps the library record. This record of the library helps to run the software. If you have a QuickBooks CD edition, you may quickly load the CD, identify, and run the Microsoft C++ installation from there

We will discuss a brief overview of Microsoft Visual C++, causes, steps to fix this error, and many more in this article. Thus you are required to read this article till the conclusion. 

Meaning of Microsoft Visual C++

QuickBooks runtime redistributable C++

Before proceeding, it is crucial to grasp knowledge about Visual C++ because the runtime redistributable program depends upon Visual C++. Microsoft C++ comprises QuickBooks runtime redistributable modules. These are just libraries that are necessary to execute C++ programs created using C++.

QB desktop downloads the most recent Visual C++ version on your PC or machine. However, if the C++ Visual installation is uninstalled or destroyed for any reason, a manual reinstall Microsoft visual C++ version is suggested.

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QuickBooks Runtime Redistributable: Meaning

QuickBooks Runtime Redistributable: Meaning

When you install the QB software, a Microsoft application, MS Visual C++ is instantly installed on your computer system.

The QBs runtime redistributable happens when your system’s Microsoft C++ Visual becomes corrupted or destroyed. Thus, you can remove and reinstall C++ to restart the application.

Furthermore, Visual C++ is simply available for download from the Microsoft’s official website. If you have a QuickBooks CD version, you may load it, locate, and execute the MS Visual C++ installation from there.

The Major Relevance of QuickBooks Runtime Redistributable

The QBs Runtime Redistributable program is generally deployed by an online administrator that supports you in resolving any such QuickBooks software-related concerns.

This redistributable runtime not only guarantees that your QB application is operating smoothly but also ensures that any programs that rely on QB are functioning properly.

Even if it is very safe to remove or delete the QB runtime redistributable program from your system, some apps that rely on it may encounter problems or technical challenges.

System Requirements For QuickBooks Runtime Redistributable

The following are the system requirements of the QuickBooks runtime redistributable Package of Visual C++:

  • Operating system

The OS will support C++ redistributable packages, which are as follows:

  1. Pack 1 service for Windows version 7 
  2. Windows Version 8
  3. Pack 2 Service for Windows Vista 
  4. Windows Version 8.1 
  5. Windows XP Version
  • Server

The following servers provide support for the packages:

  1. Windows 2003 Server.
  2. R2SP1 Windows 2008 Server.
  3. Pack 2 service for Windows 8.
  4. Windows  2012 Server.
  5. Windows 2012 R2 Server.
  • Hardware Requirement

  1. Minimum requirement: 512 MB RAM.
  2. Required of 5400 RPM of hard drive. 
  3. You should use a processor of at least 900 MegaHertz(MHz) or higher.
  4. At least, 50 MB space of hard drive is needed.
  5. A powerful visual card (Direct X9) with a 1024 x 768 display of high-resolution or more.

Reason for Installing the Multiple C++ Visual Runtime Redistributable

There might be several reasons for having multiple C++ visual runtime redistributables on your machine, including:

  • Relying on the version of Windows that you use, several versions of Visual C++ are pre-installed together with it.
  • In case you find other version of Visual C++ redistributable onto your PC, it may be possible that it was installed as software that needed it. However, if you wish to execute an application in a certain version of C++ Visual you need to install the libraries of code for that particular version on your PC.
  • If you begin some programs foremost, you may receive a notification saying that “redistributable packages have been installed onto your PC“.
  • It’s also likely that you’ll find many times that numerous versions from the identical year are installed.
  • If you have Windows 64-bit installed on your PC, you may discover that several apps have 64-bit of windows & 32-bit of windows versions. Certain bundles that come with Windows & others fall under this category.

QuickBooks Runtime Redistributable Issues After Installation

The issue indicates that a special version of the MS Visual C++ Runtime Redistributable required by the QBs software that you are attempting to install is damaged. In this case, The Visual C++ version of 2010 SP1 Runtime Redistributable handled by the MSVCR110. Among the several variations, following are some of example of these variations:

  • MSVCR140.dll (2015)
  • MSVCR130.dll (2013)
  • MSVCR120.dll (2012)
  • MSVCR71.dll, MSVCR08.dll, and MSVCR09.dll (from 2008 to 2010)

During installation, many programs will include a replica of the MS Visual C++ Runtime Redistributable. You may also go through the program setup files usually in a folder known as “outsider”, where you may receive copy of the same setup files for the MS Visual C++ Runtime Redistributable

Resolving Methods For QuickBooks Runtime Redistributable

To resolve the QuickBooks Runtime Redistributable issue, follow the instructions below to uninstall & reinstall Microsoft C++ Visual on your PC.

You need to implement every step and ensure that you follow the steps as it mentioned below.

Uninstall MS Visual C++

If you have questions like can I uninstall Microsoft visual C++ redistributable, then follow the below steps:

Press Windows + R keys and type ocntrol panel

  1. Close any programs that are running or open on your PC.
  2. Then, using the Windows + R simultaneously, launch the Run command.
  3. Search for the Control Panel & then press the Ok button.
  4. Choose the MS Visual C++ software that is appropriate for your QBs version from the list provided. For instance, if you have the Premier, Pro,  or Enterprise edition of the QB Desktop, the MS Visual C++ 2008 runtime redistributable is appropriate for your device.
  5. To uninstall the Visual C++ program, follow the instructions which shows on your screen after you have hit the tab of  Uninstall.
  6. Finally, when requested, restart the device.

Reinstall MS Visual C++

To learn how to reinstall Microsoft Visual C++, follow the below-mentioned instructions. If you use the CD to download & install QB on your machine, then only you have to follow these below-mentioned steps.

  1. Insert the QB CD into your system’s CD drive.
  2. Close any QB installation windows that may show after installing the CD.
  3. By hitting the Windows + E together on your keyboard, you may open the window of computer.

Press WIndws + E keys on yiur keyboard

  1. Navigate to D:\ Third-party\ CRT8 or D:\ Third-Party\ CRT9 on the window. Where, D: denotes the CD drive.
  2.  Finally, after hitting twice on or vcredit _x86.exe or vc_red.msi , follow the on-screen prompts to install the program.

Wrapping Up!

The QuickBooks Runtime Redistributable is an error that happens when your computer devices get destroyed or corrupted because of MS Visual C++. To resolve this error, you need t to follow the above-mentioned steps properly. This runtime redistributable guarantees that QuickBooks runs normally and that all apps that rely on QuickBooks libraries work correctly. We have mentioned the process of resolving, you can take the help from it. We hope that this article is useful and informative to you. If you still have any problems with QuickBooks runtime redistributable, please connect with the relevant team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I remove QuickBooks runtime redistributable?

Deleting the QuickBooks runtime redistributable can help to free up some valuable space on your hard drive. Even though it is safe to uninstall QuickBooks Runtime Redistributable, however, some applications that are dependent upon the runtime might encounter technical issues.

Q2. What is a runtime redistributable?

A runtime redistributable is a package of files required by an application at runtime. The most common runtime redistributables are the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Libraries, needed by applications that were built using Visual C++. The files in the runtime redistributable package include DLLs (dynamic link libraries) and EXEs (executables) that application needs.

Q3.Can I uninstall QuickBooks and reinstall without losing my data?

While QuickBooks is generally a reliable program, it can occasionally run into problems that require the user to uninstall and reinstall the software. In most cases, uninstalling and reinstalling QuickBooks will not delete your data. However, it is always a good idea to create a backup of your data before performing any major changes to the software, just to be on the safe side