Fix Negative Inventory in QuickBooks

How to Fix Negative Inventory in QuickBooks- Issue Solved

Quickbooks is accounting software that brings positive change according to the passage of time. This is why small and medium-sized businesses usually prefer Quickbooks over any other accounting software. The constant flow of updates and new features makes Quickbooks’ path towards success inevitable. Unfortunately, Quickbooks users like you and me have to encounter some issues once in a while. The negative inventory issue in Quickbooks is one of the trouble makers. Unlike other errors and issues (QB error 179, error 6144 82, error 1334, error 6210, etc), it is not a technical glitch or fault. This mainly occurs because the user enters the sales transaction before entering the purchase transactions.

Anyway, you don’t have to get nerve wrecked worrying about this issue. This is because we are here to help you out. In this post, you will learn every single detail regarding Quickbook negative inventory. Even the solutions to rectify this issue. So, without further ado let’s jump straight into it.

What is a Negative Inventory in QuickBooks? 

The Quickbooks online inventory issue is mainly caused when the user fills in sales transactions before filling in the purchase transactions. This is an indication that you have sold items for the inventory that is not currently in stock. Well, it may look trivial but this little mistake can cause you a series of issues. Let’s see what they are.

  • Data harm forcing you to perpetually reconstruct the file to bring your B/S to balance
  • The cash-basis record is out of balance
  • Profit and COGS amounts of square measure incorrect.
  • Balance Sheet Inventory Account square measure incorrect.
  • Incorrect merchandiser Reports.
  • Error: LVL_ERROR–Error: Verify Account: Invalid balance. quantity overflow has occurred. Record = ninety nine.
  • Error: Verify Account Balance failing. Calc bal = zero.00, List bal = *overflow*
  • An overflow error has occurred. one in each of your accounts has exceeded the most worth allowed. Review the balances in your chart of accounts and lower the worth of the account to but ten,000,000,000,000.
  • The appearance of Error: “It appears like one thing in your company file is inflicting your record to travel out of balance.”
  • Error: Itemhistupdateengine.cpp — LVL_ERROR–Error: Verify item history Target {average cost|monetary worth|price|cost} twin error (expected value, found value).
  • You will see Error: Itemhistupdateengine.cpp — LVL_ERROR–Error: Verify item history Target worth accessible twin error (expected worth, found value).
  • Error: Itemhistupdateengine.cpp — LVL_ERROR–Error: Verify Item History: dangerous target COGS for Item.
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How to figure out the presence of the Negative Inventory?

quickbooks inventory adjustment

The IVD is the sole report that you just will use to gauge the extent of your negative inventory. The Negative inventory shows negative numbers within the amount accessible (QOH) column.

  • Go to the Reports menu.
  • Select Inventory, then choose Inventory Valuation.

If you’re using QuickBooks Enterprise 15.0 and later, you’ll be able to use the Negative Item Listing report. Note that it shows current negative quantities however not the past negative quantities.

  • Go to the Reports menu.
  • Select Inventory, then choose Negative Item Listing.
  • If you’re using QuickBooks Premier or Enterprise 2014 or earlier while not Advanced Inventory, you’ll be able to use your Inventory Centre.
  • Go to the Suppliers menu.
  • Select Inventory Activities, then choose Inventory Centre.
  • On the highest left of the Inventory Centre window, amend the filter from Active Inventory to QOH <=Zero.

What are the issues that may arise? 

  • You created a brand new item, with an Item price, however without initial QOH/VOH.
  • This leaves the item while not the median price.
  • The first group action to use the item was an invoice rather than a bill, check, MasterCard charge or regulate Qty/Value obtainable (IAD).
  • The sale forces the item into negative inventory.
  • The invoice, while not a median price with that to credit inventory and debit COGS, uses the Item price from the Item List
  • You purchase the item for a price totally different than the Item price.
  • The bill contains an adjustment to Inventory and COGS for the distinction between the Item price and therefore the actual purchase price, so inflicting it to point out on the P&L report.
  • Selling inventory that you just don’t have has driven your amount obtainable (QOH) negative and might cause the incorrect price of products sold-out (COGS) on your P&L report.
  • You produce a brand new item while not AN Item price.
  • You sell that item while not buying any inventory.
  • QuickBooks has no info from that to calculate the common price, therefore it should assign a median price of $0.00.
  • This distorts your COGS and your inventory.
  • They are not corrected till you identify a median price with a bill, check, MasterCard charge or regulate Qty/Value obtainable.

How to Fix Negative Inventory in QuickBooks?

If your inventory reports square measure incorrect as a result of you’ve got not established a median value, you’ll cause them to show the proper values by reassuring that the earliest dated dealings for the associate item may be a bill, check, MasterCard charge or alter Qty/Value on Hand.

  1. From the QuickBooks Reports menu, opt for Inventory, then choose Inventory Valuation outline.
  2. QuickZoom associate item that’s showing incorrect values by double-clicking the item name. This opens the Inventory Valuation Detail report for the item. The transactions related to this item square measure listed so as by date.
  3. QuickZoom the primary Bill listed to open the Enter Bills window.
  4. Change the date on the bill to date ahead of the primary invoice listed on the detail report you opened in Step two.
  5. Click Save & on the brink of recording the bill with the new date.
  6. Repeat Steps two through five for every incorrect item.
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In case you have sold inventory things while not recording purchases

You may have entered Bills with accounts and not inventory things which caused the Quickbooks Negative Inventory. If so, edit the Bills amendment the entries from the Expenses Tab to the Item. remember that this could alter your inventory expenses. talk to your accounting skilled before endeavoring this method.

You have entered purchases or changes before coming into sales

If you’ll do therefore lawfully, alter the dealings dates specified bills square measure dated before invoices.


change/ purchase sale- QuickBooks online inventory

  1. In the menu bar, choose Reports > Inventory > Inventory Valuation Detail.
  2. Select the Dates drop-down arrow, then choose All.
  3. Scroll through the report back to the associate item that’s showing a negative quantity within the to be had a column.
  4. If you’ll do therefore lawfully, alter the dates of the bills and/or invoices so the bill dates square measure before the invoice dates.
  5. Repeat steps two through four for every item with a negative quantity within the to be had a column.

What are the precautions you can take to prevent the Quickbooks negative inventory? 

precaution- QuickBooks online inventory

To prevent these problems from occurring: don’t sell inventory things till you’ve got purchased them and entered the purchases into QuickBooks.

Try to Set up inventory things with an opening balance

  • Create a brand new point, then enter the required data.
  • At rock bottom, enter your QOH and worth to determine a mean value.
  • If you are doing not have any units accessible, enter an acquisition BEFORE coming into a buying deal.

Use Sales Orders or Estimate to enter sales that you are doing have inventory

  • Enter the client order as a Sales Order -OR-
  • Enter the client order as an associate Invoice, then mark the Invoice as unfinished (Edit > Mark Invoice as pending).
  • Purchase the inventory things, then enter the acquisition into your company record.
  • Convert the Sales Order to associate Invoice -OR- mark the Invoice as final (Edit > Mark Invoice as Final).

Use unfinished Invoices to enter sales that you are doing an inventory of

  • Enter the client order as an associate Invoice.
  • In the menu bar, choose Edit, then Mark Invoice As unfinished.
  • Purchase the inventory things and enter the acquisition into your company record.
  • In the menu bar, choose Edit, then Mark Invoice As Final.
  • Adjust the Invoice date to the date on that the products area unit shipped to the client.
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You have reached the end of the article. Hurray! We hope that you have become an expert in rectifying the Quickbooks Negative Inventory Issue. If you are intrigued by this post, do check out other articles on our website. They are going to be really productive and helpful for you.