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QuickBooks File Extension | Various File Types Used in QB

Are you aware of the file formats and extensions that QuickBooks supports? Meanwhile, QB Desktop offers high-quality accounting software that is used by millions of individuals worldwide. Moreover, it is a piece of software used by small and medium-sized businesses and often by large organizations also. As Various firms and areas used the QB Desktop, the recommended QuickBooks file extension varies greatly. 

However, QuickBooks desktop software supported file types and extensions. Thus, in this article, we’ll go over all of the used file types and extensions. thus, make sure you stick around this article till the conclusion.

QuickBooks File Extension: Meaning

A QB file extension is a type of file extension that records large amounts of data. However, QBW (company file) is the most prevalent QB file extension, followed by QBB (backup file) and QBO (bank statement file). The QuickBooks extensions will generally assist you in recognizing the files and help you in determining what purpose each of the files will serve. Furthermore, these extensions are necessary for you to identify the file and avoid any data-related issues.

Importance of QuickBooks File Extension

Importance of QuickBooks File extension

Keep note that QuickBooks does not support PDF, CSV, or Excel text file extensions. Instead, the company has created its own extension. Each file extension has its own set of attributes that serve several functions. Some of the major reasons behind this are as follows:

  • The extension makes it simpler to identify what exactly a file contains. However, everything is distinguishable.
  • Users must organize data according to file extensions in order to avoid disorganization. It also helps in facilitating auditing.
  • When the right file is spotted, the desktop can use it to open it with the relevant program.
  • In order to secure them, QB file extensions aid users in authenticating data files.
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Types of QuickBooks File Extension in QB Desktop

The QuickBooks file types are grouped into several categories, which may be found in the table below. However, the following extensions are associated with related files:

Usual QuickBooks File Extensions

The most common QuickBooks file format for QuickBooks desktop is specified below:

File Format File Type Description
QBO QB Bank statement file While downloading from the financial institution, the QB accounting software opens transactions from a file with extension .qbo. Thus, you may quickly import a QBO file to expedite the transaction’s entry into the bank register.
QBW QuickBooks company file extension When you create a company file, the QB accounting software automatically produces a QBW file with the extension. Moreover, the file so generated essentially contains the company file as well as the other pertinent account information. To illustrate, if you start a company called My company, QuickBooks accounting software will store the file as Mycompany.qbw.
QBB QuickBooks backup file extension When you make a backup of the original corporate file, the QB accounting software creates a backup file with the .qbb extension.
QBM QB portable file In terms of the extension, when a user attempts to email or transmits a business file, the QB accounting software creates a .qbm extension file, which is a compressed form of a company file.

Additional Files of QB

File Extension Type of File Description
QBR QB report template file When you export a previously memorized report template, QB software generates a file with the extension .qbr
QWC QB Web Connector File You may be prompted to launch the app if you utilize the QB Web connector. Moreover, when third-party developers access the web connector app, a file with the .qwc file extension is generated
DES Layout designer template file When you export a customized form template, QuickBooks accounting software saves it as a file with the .des extension. Moreover, QB provides a number of templates. All you have to do is export the custom templates in order to utilize them in other company files or share them with others.
Qbstbl2.usa US tax table file If you perform payroll on the QB desktop, you must obtain the most recent tax tables. Furthermore, it contains all of the most recent payroll information needed to compute payroll taxes.

Accountant File Extensions

File Extensions File Type Description
QBJ General Journal entries file If you wish to include journal entries made by the accountant, request a general journal entries file from them.
In addition, this file has the .qbj extension.
QBX Accountant’s review copy In case you created an accountant’s review copy of a QB company file, the QuickBooks software generates an accountant’s review copy with a QBX extension.
QBA Accountant’s copy file An accountant copy is a file with the .qbx extension that a client sends to the accountant for evaluation. Moreover, the extension of this file is .qba.
QBY Accountant’s import file After reviewing the account copy and performing any necessary modifications, the accountant sends a file with the .qby extension to users. Furthermore, changes to the company file can be quickly imported or applied.

Log and Utility Files

File Extensions File Type Description
LOG Event Log file QB uses the .log extension to capture necessary occurrences. However, Log files can be of two types:

  • Qbwin.log: This file logs any problems that are discovered during a rebuild.
  • QWC.log: it logs web connection problems. It should be noted that the log files can be utilized to help with problems.

Moreover, log files are the most popular type of troubleshooting file.

IIF Intuit Interchange Format file When you export the list information, QB accounting software generates a file with the extension .iif.
Additionally, this file can be used to exchange the lists with other corporate files.
ECML Entitlement file If you install and register QB, a .ecml file extension is created. Moreover,  this file informs QB that you are working with a licensed product.
QBP QB Print file When you configure your printing options, QB software saves them in a file with the extension .qbp.
Also, keep in mind that QB saves the settings automatically. However, in the case of printer problems, you may be forced to make adjustments to the file.
TLG File Transaction log file Any modifications made to the company file since the last backup are detected by the QB accounting software. Also, this program stores the information in a file with the .tlg extension. In addition, when you take another backup of the company file, QB will automatically reset it.
ND Network Data file In multi-user mode, QB accounting software generates a file with the extension .nd.
Moreover, this extension file is used by the software to manage the user access settings.

Files for QuickBooks Statement Writer

File Extension Description
QSS When you customize the statements and reports with QB statement writer, the settings are saved in a file with the extension .qss.
Also, you may use this file to apply settings to different reports.
QSM If you utilize the QB statement writer, the information is saved with the .qsm extension. However, the extension file may be opened with MS EXCEL.
QST In case you need a specific layout, you can utilize a template file that is currently accessible. Furthermore, the extension of these files is usually .qst.

QuickBooks for MAC

File Extension File type Description
DM Apple disk image file This is the QuickBooks backup file extension company file, which QB saves as an apple disc image.
QB2016 Company File This is the Company file for the QuickBooks for Mac 2016 edition.
List Apple property list file Moreover, the registration and preferences are saved in this list file.
QB201 Corporate file Like QB2016, this is the company file for the 2019 edition of QB for Mac.
MAC.QBB Backup File This is the QuickBooks backup file extension for MAC. Thus, to convert the QB Mac file over to desktop QB for Windows, you may utilize a MAC.QBB file.

Miscellaneous File Extension

File Extension File Type Description
QBwin.log QB log file When you execute or verify or rebuild the option, the Qbwin.log file is created or updated. Also, this file will assist you in identifying “Log issues and circumstances rectified.” However, in most cases, the Qbwin.log file is kept in the QB installation directory.
Temp1234.qbt Temp rebuild file This file is produced during “Pass 1 of the repair.” Moreover, it is destroyed when the reconstruction is complete.
QBrestor.TMP Temp restore the file This file is often developed after recovering the QBB file, which was automatically erased during the restoration procedure.
QB letters templates folder Letters folder QB letters templates folders hold word document templates for the QB writer letters feature.
Images folder Folder with images The pictures folder contains temporary copies of images used by QB.
Inet folder Inet Previously, this folder was used to hold “License information” for the QB
QBInstance Finder  Instance finder file You can remove the file, but it may reappear in a few QB editions.
.TDB QB Pro Timer File There is time monitoring data from the QuickBooks timer in the QBTIMER directory.
CONNLOG.TXT Connection Log File The CONNLOG.TXT file is the online banking connection log file, thus it contains a log of each online banking connection.
Download QBXX folder Download folder The QB created the Download QBXX folder to store the updates that are downloaded when you utilize the update QuickBooks feature.
QBW.TLG Transaction log file for QB Company file This file will assist you in recovering lost data from a QB company file.
Copy XX/XX/20XX ABC.QBW A backup copy of the data file You need to keep in mind that another QBW file with the name Archive Copy XX/XX200X is created with the extension QBW file name. Thus, it is an identical duplicate of the corporate file before it was condensed. However, use this file to view information that was previously contained in the unaltered file.
QBW192.168.X.XXmta Database Temporary files This is a temporary file created by the QuickBooks database server manager. In addition, it is created when the corporate file is opened. Thus, when you access the primary file, the file which is temporary is automatically removed.

QuickBooks File Extension for Payroll Files

Here is the QuickBooks file extension used for Payroll files.

File Extension Description
1PA It is the file extension for the 940 and 941 tax forms.
QPD QuickPay data file produced with QuickPay version 3.0
TXT & SET These are QuickBooks 2.0 and 2.1.
Qpconvrt.log This is a log that keeps track of all payroll warning notifications.
Taxtbl.usa It is an extension for Windows 3.1.

Extension Files for Fixed Asset Manager

File Extension Description
*.Fx0 This type of file extension comprises of packed FAM data file. Moreover, it stores asset data.
*.Fx1 This extension file stores information about your system
*Mx0 It consists of the header file
*.FPx This extension file is used to store report data.
*FXR It includes the FAM backup sync log file
*.FIM This file contains the CSV import data headers from the extension file.

Factors Influencing File Extension Connectivity

QuickBooks provides easy-to-use components for QB facilities like adding, updating, developing, seller information, employee information, transaction, and so on. Moreover, QuickBooks will assist you in remotely accessing QuickBooks by including a QB attach component or a free remote connection for the QuickBooks utility:

  • Quick performance
  • Components that are completely integrated
  • Design that is inexpensive and consistent
  • Remote access to QuickBooks

These are some of the most popular and well-known QuickBooks file extensions supported by QuickBooks Desktop. Thus, it is crucial that you understand what these extensions are and what file types they are associated with. Aside from the file types and file extensions discussed in this article, there are several others. So, before you update, edit, or move any file on the storage or network, be sure to check for file-related details. Moreover, if you face any issues you may connect with the technical team for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:What is the extension for the QuickBooks company file?

Ans- The extension of the QBs company file is the “.QBW”. It has the account info and company files. 

Q2: What type of file has the “.TLG” extension?

Ans- The Log Files of QuickBooks have the extension of “.TLG”. These log files contain incomplete transaction information. QBW file keeps the record. 

Q3:What is Quickbooks POS File extension?

Ans- The QuickBooks POS file extension is “.QPB”. These files contains the backup file or the file of the primary data that is generated by the software. 

Q4: How to see file extension in MS Excel?

Ans- Steps to see the file extension in Microsoft Excel

  • First of all, select the view option. 
  • Then, locate the advanced settings. 
  • Lastly, single-click on the option hide extensions for specific file types to show the extension, and click ok. 

Q5: What is the difference between QBW and QBB Files?

Ans- QBW is the extension name that contains QBs company files such as letters, templates, images, logos, financial data, etc. On the other side, QBB is the extension that contains a backup of the company files. QBB file is a very essential file because it also contains log files. 

Q6: What is QBM File?

Ans- QBM file has the financial data of the company. You can transfer the data through email or an external storage device. 

Q7:Where is the QuickBooks Data File?

Ans- QuickBooks Data File is located in default location i.e. C drive\Users\Public Documents\Intuit\QBs\Company Files.