Quickbooks Error 323

How To Fix QuickBooks Online 323 Error Messages? (Latest HandBook)

Software errors are unpredictable and can be devastating. Software bugs or errors if underestimated or not resolved in time can snap your business processes which can cost you a lot. Why am I telling you all this? I am here to save you from the data disaster. Today we will discuss one such error that is famous among QuickBooks users- QuickBooks error 323. 

But why does the QuickBooks error occur? Humans are prone to make mistakes and software is coded and subsequently tested by humans. Like other software, QuickBooks software also has some wormholes which can interfere with the business processes and can be frustrating at times. 

If you’re also tired of resolving this tangled QuickBooks online error 323 from your system then this article is for you. Read this blog till the end because here’s the ultimate guide for QuickBooks error 323 that will help you to eradicate this bug from your system permanently.  

QuickBooks Error 323 Overview 

QuickBooks error 323 is a common banking error that QB users experience while running the program. “QuickBooks is trying to access the company file but the database server is not responding”, that’s what the error looks like or something similar like this. There are two primary drivers which can evoke this issue in your system- 

QuickBooks Error 323

  • You might add the same bank account details twice, such as your account numbers or name 
  • If you have entered incorrect sign-in credentials. 

What Causes QuickBooks Error Code 323?

QuickBooks is a heavy software that provides hundreds of amazing features which simplify nerve-racking and complex accounting processes. Also, the installation part can be quite lengthy and done on different levels. There’s a strong possibility that any essential QB-related file might not get downloaded properly in your system. So poor internet connection can be one problem. But this is not just it, there’s a lot that happens under the layers which can contribute to QuickBooks error 323. 

Here we’ve outlined a few possibilities which can evoke this issue- 

  • QuickBooks error 323 can appear when a user mistakenly added the account details twice, such as the same account name or number
  • If the user wrongly added the same account in the product section
  • If the financial institutions wrongly added the sign-in credentials, hence the access is compromised

How Can A QuickBooks Error 323 Affect Your Working?

Software malfunction can cause data disasters and it’s a nightmare that SMBs and small accounting enterprises don’t wish to happen. One hour of software blackout can cost millions. Here’s what you’ll experience when QuickBooks banking error code 323 breaches inside your system- 

  • Your system will start providing crashing error suddenly
  • Poor performance
  • Your system will start freezing periodically 
  • Your system will start responding very slowly 
  • You will see an error code while accessing the program

How To Resolve This Issue? (Easy Solutions For You)

There’s no one size fits all solution for this problem, as different users have different systems, Windows, and QuickBooks updated versions. But no worries, we have got you covered. Here we’ve outlined some easy and effective troubleshooting methods that you can try-

Solution 1: Delete One Similar Account 

Delete one repeated account (Fix QuickBooks Error 323)

As discussed above, having two repeated accounts can evoke this problem. To resolve this issue, you need to walk through the following steps:

  • For this, you need to hover over the “Gear icon
  • Now select the “Charts Of Accounts” (COA) tab
  • Look for the account you want to delete 
  • Click on the “Delete” button 
  • At last, click on the “Confirm” tab 

Solution 2: Download Your Bank Statements 

As QuickBooks 323 is a banking error, downloading your bank statements can resolve this issue. For this, you need to follow these simple steps- 

  • Go to the Menu and click on “Chart Of Accounts”
  • Now, select the right bank account that is active for online banking
  • Click on “Download Bank Statement
  • Choose the “Add” option from the “View” tab
  • At last, select and click on the same icon

Solution 3: Rename Any One Of The Account 

Rename one of your account ( QuickBooks error 323)

Having bank accounts with the same names can crop up QuickBooks Error 323 in your system. Here’s how you can fix this issue- 

  • Firstly, select “Banking” in the navigation tab
  • Then select the account that you wish to rename 
  • Choose edit, then go to edit account info
  • From the account window, select “Disconnect this account” on save 
  • Select save at the end 
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Solution 4: Export And Import Chart Of Accounts 

import and export chart of account (QuickBooks error 323)

1. Export the Chart Of Accounts
  1. For this, go to the file 
  2. Select Utilities 
  3. Now select export, and go to the list of IIF files 
  4. Select “Charts Of Accounts” 
  5. Once you’re there save the file on the desktop
  6. Create a new file 
2. Import the Chart Of Accounts
  • Again go to the file, and then the utilities 
  • Choose import and look for IIF files 
  • Look for the saved Chart Of Accounts IIF that you have saved on the desktop 
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Closing Thoughts 

There you have it! These methods are subsequently tested by our experts and proven effective. You can try your hands, if in case you face any issues reach out to us without any delay. Our experts will provide you with an end-to-end resolution to your problem. You can also share your troubleshooting method in the comment section. Don’t forget to share this blog and show some love!  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How do I fix rebuild errors in QuickBooks Desktop?

You Need To Fix Your Company File With The Rebuild Data Tool 

Follow these simple steps 

  • Go to Utilities and select “Rebuild Data
  • Look for the information window and click on OK 
  • Now just simply follow the instructions that you see onscreen 
  • Once the process gets completed, let the tool repair your file 
  • The repairing process can take a while to get completed
  • Click on Ok to finish the process 
  • Again go to the “File” menu > Utilities
  • Select verify data 
  • Let the rebuild data tool scan your profile to spot data issues 

Q2. How do I verify and rebuild data in QuickBooks?

Let’s start with the verification process first. For this, you need to walk through the following steps – 

  • Go to files and choose utilities 
  • Tap on Verify data and hit OK 

If you see the message- “Your data has failed the verification check”, then you need to rebuild your data. If you see no error, you’re good to go. 

To Rebuild Company File Data

  • Go to File> Utilities 
  • Click on rebuild data, and hit ok to close all windows 
  • You will see a message from QuickBooks wanting your approval to create a backup before you start rebuilding the process for your company profile 
  • Click OK, and click cancel if you don’t want to create a backup 
  • Once the backup is completed, choose “Show in folder” to navigate the backup
  • Click ok, once the rebuilding process gets completed

Q3. Why is QuickBooks asking me to validate my information?

QuickBooks take data protection and security very seriously. This process is important, though the software confirms that users have sufficient rights to sign in to their accounts.