Resolve QuickBooks Error 12057 Message

A Relatable actual Story is here!!! Troubles come and go, and the same problem came with QuickBooks Error 12057 too. Almost 6 months ago, Our startup business did not have full-fledged finance even though we followed several apps. We were not getting the required feature so that our business account will be developed many times better than now. Then, we found QuickBooks while searching, and literally, it was deeply useful to take backups, and software upgrades, access my account anywhere and anytime, etc. 

Quickbooks error 12057

Every single thing was going perfectly as per our business needs but all of a sudden, a QuickBooks 12057 Error Message was showing on our screen. QuickBooks Error 12057 is an indication that your system is unable to connect to the QuickBooks update server. This can be caused by a number of factors, including firewall settings, internet connection issues, and more. Fortunately, there are a few things you can try to resolve the issue. In this post, we will take you through the error in detail along with the causes and most effective solutions. 

What is Exactly Resolve QuickBooks Error 12057?

Despite the efficient work that QuickBooks software presents, sometimes it also restricts the flow of handling the business work by different kinds of errors. The series of errors are numerous just like 15XXX, 14XXX, 60XXX, 19XXXX, 24XXX, 83XXX, 17XXXX and etc. 

The QuickBooks Error Message Code 12057 which is coming on your system when trying to work on QuickBooks comes under the series of 12XXX. This type of series has its requirements for the members of the QuickBooks users and when they are done the payroll update QuickBooks error 12057 goes by itself. 

Causes Overview for QuickBooks Updates Error 12057

Why is QuickBooks Payroll Error Code 12057 occurring? It should be a matter of discussion. Sorting out the problem is not the only way if you want to know the roots of this Error of QuickBooks while your business is running smoothly. All ifs are here….. 

  • The network server is not working properly. 
  • Not Downloaded the Newest Version of QuickBooks. 
  • The Issue comes under the Company File.
  • Unable to do the update of QuickBooks.
  • Some permissions are not correct in your Microsoft Edge. 
  • Windows registry. 
  • The subscription to QuickBooks has expired. 
  • Overloaded work on your system.
  • Installed the duplicated file. 
  • Did not locate the framework of Microsoft .NET in the programs. 

Troubleshoot Error 12057 QuickBooks: All Required Solutions

The generated QuickBooks Error 12057 on your system is not due to one specific reason for the error. To fix it correctly, you should apply the different solutions one by one and we are sure that one of the given methods will surely help with your Error code 12057. 

Method 1: Check the Speed of the Internet 

These days many QuickBooks users are bearing the Network Connection Error (it may be for your Error 12057) QuickBooks during paying off their online bills or filling the subscription. Most of the time it happens due to the problem of proper loss or low speed of internet connection between QuickBooks desktop and online payments within it. 

Check the Speed of the Internet 

So, the best way is to restart your system because sometimes things are overloaded which disconnects the internet so, relax your system first. If your specified error has not disappeared as per the above guidelines then get ready to follow these troubleshooting ways. 

  1. Check the connection of your internet. For this, you must visit QuickBooks. 
  2. Then, visit the help and then click internet setup. 
  3. Check the connection is established with your system internet access. 
  4. If not, then do it with a click. 
  5. Update your QuickBooks again so that it will be cleared if the error has been removed or not. 

Method 2: Installation of Newest Version of Google Chrome 

Uninstall the outdated version of Google Chrome just as it does not support access with some heavy applications and install the latest available version to fix QuickBooks updates error 12057.

Install Newest version of Google Chrome

  • Go to Google Chrome.
  • Click the MORE (:) option available on the right side of the page. 
  • Press HELP then “About Google Chrome”.  

(One more thing, if you are not seeing these options then it is clear your chrome is already with the latest version.) 

Method 3: Reset the Date and Time of Your System 

Check if the time as well as the date in your systems is running forward or backward of the exact time. Many times it creates issues just like the process of the update

The software that depends on the web services and internet authorization schemes that need access details may cancel your attempts to use these resources. 

If the date of your systems is not exact then the QuickBooks Error Code 12057 message stops from updating. Want to fix the same? Just apply the given steps:

Reset the Date and Time of Your System 

  1.         Search the CONTROL PANEL in your system.
  2.         After pressing on it,  tap on the Clock and Region
  3.          Ready to put changes in the DATE AND TIME. 

Method 4: Requirement of Microsoft Windows Installation 

Poor windows installation is not only going to affect the execution of Microsoft Windows, but also the smooth, safe, and longer functions of the windows. Install it right away by the easiest steps.

  • Firstly, close the QuickBooks and other opened applications. 
  • Install the Updates of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.
  • Hit on the Restart tab after the installation of Microsoft Windows

“If the problem of QuickBooks Error 12057 is as it is then there is something more requirement what you have to solve by the giving details in the method 6”

Method 5: QuickBooks Desktop Updating for QuickBooks Code 12057

Each QuickBooks Payroll Error has its different needs for resolutions. Some errors like (12xxx, 15xxx, PSxxx, 37xxx, and others) have been served on your systems just because your QuickBooks Desktop Application is not updated. From time to time the software company tries to give you some new features to work more smoothly. 

When the customers of QuickBooks do not apply such advantages in their business due to being old and incapable then they put these kinds of errors to remind them. So, we give you the right path by grating all the targeting steps for updating the desktop of QuickBooks

  1. Open the QuickBooks software and choose the HELP menu.
  2. You will get Quickbooks Desktop there and go to the QuickBooks Automatic Updates.
  3. Hit on the Mark All option & then tap on UPDATE NOW
  4. Updates will be available and you need to install the latest version. 

“We suggest you reopen the QuickBooks for the verification and continue to begin the work on it. As due to another reason for QuickBooks Desktop Error 12057, this solution works only for a few hours.”

Method 6: Download the Newest Version QuickBooks Tool Hub

All the common QuickBooks update errors 12057 can be fixed with this tool hub. We recommend you use the Windows 10 tool hub, 64-bit. The working latest version of the QuickBooks tool hub is

Download the Newest Version QuickBooks Tool Hub

Fix Types of Errors By QuickBooks Tool Hub: Fix Error Instantly 

Here is the list of several errors and the QuickBooks tool hub will assist you to solve them. Have a look…..

Complete Guidance to Download QuickBooks Tool Hub (NEW VERSION)
  • Begin with closing the QuickBooks. 
  • Get the latest version of the QuickBooks Tool Hub
  • Save your file and then open it. 
  • Read and follow the steps one by one given steps. 
  • Install it and check the box “Agree and Conditions”.
  • Installation is finished now.
  • Press on the Windows Desktop.
  • Your tool hub is now up and running. Just choose your company file and scan for the errors. 
  • After a successful scan, the error 12057 QuickBooks will be resolved.

Additional Support 

Giving quick replies is our way to help our viewers. So, if the questions are still existing in your mind related to the QuickBooks Error 12057 then get ready to sort them by dropping your message in the comment box. All the working solutions whether it is a part of QBs error 12057 or any other different error code will be sorted. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Quick Replies 

Q1- How do I fix a script error when accessing QuickBooks Desktop?

Ans- We will only recommend you to just focus on setting up Internet Explorer (IE) as the default browser. If you do not have any idea regarding it then just read and follow our steps. 

  1. Open IE on your system,
  2. On the upper side you can see a GEAR icon, so hit it.
  3. Internet Option and then Programs.
  4. Below the tab DEFAULT WEB BROWSER, press on the “MAKE DEFAULT”. 
  5. Lastly, select “OK”. 

Q2- How do I fix QuickBooks Desktop update errors?

Ans- Use these as per our experts’ advice and you can easily reach your designation. 

  • Open Desktop of QuickBooks→ HELP Menu→ choose UPDATE QUICKBOOKS DESKTOP→ Visit the tab UPDATE NOW→ After RESET UPDATE→ Choose GET UPDATES
  • Wait for Quickbooks download.
  1. Now, open the new QuickBooks desktop. 
  2. Press the HELP
  3. Go to the QUICKBOOKS DESKTOP and hit it. 
  4. Visit the OVERVIEW.
  5. Click on the UPDATE NOW.