QuickBooks Error 108

Fix QuickBooks Error 108 Quickly (6 Repairing Methods)

Logging into your bank account and getting notifications on the website?? Not able to log in? All such banking issues fall under the domain of QuickBooks Error 108. In QuickBooks, banking errors are quite common and easy to resolve. With proper guidance and assistance, you can easily troubleshoot all such banking errors. Our article ranges from basics, causes, indicators of occurrence to the easy solutions of QuickBooks Banking error 108. Spare us your few minutes and you will surely become a QuickBooks Pro soon. Let us dive straight onto our alpha subject for today.

QuickBooks Error 108: Basic Overview

You receive QuickBooks Error 108 when you do banking on your account. QuickBooks running on Windows often displays this error. Your Bank or Financial Institution has some notifications on its website that need to be read and acted upon. When you attempt to log into your bank account or perform some other action on the website, you may encounter error 108.

Causes Behind QuickBooks Error Code 108

The causes behind the occurrence of Error QuickBooks 108 are here below. 

  • If the bank sends any message that requires the user’s action.
  • In case of an invalid username & password.
  • A user may also be unable to connect smoothly with the bank server.
  • The bank server might be having problems, leading to such an error.
  • The web server and program can be hindered by a poor internet connection.
  • One such reason for QuickBooks Error 108 can be the deleted download transactions.
  • The user may have multiple versions of QuickBooks installed.

Indicators to Identify QuickBooks Error 108

You can identify the error by making note of the symptoms you might see. Read below for more.

  • QuickBooks Error Code 108 message pops up on the screen frequently.
  • Another symptom is that the user cannot access QuickBooks.
  • In QuickBooks, the program window often crashes.
  • The system sometimes becomes unresponsive.

As we now have a basic understanding of the QuickBooks error 108, we need to follow the below solutions carefully.

Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 108: 6 Easy Solutions


Solution 1: Log in to the Bank Account

You may be able to resolve the error 108 in QuickBooks by correctly signing in to your bank account.

  • Log in to your account using your username and password on the official bank website.
  • Check to see if all messages have been sent.
  • Take a look at the downloaded transactions.
  • Look for “KB Details”.
  • Press the “Ctrl” key to enable pop-up blockers.
  • Log in to QuickBooks now.
  • Lastly, verify whether the QuickBooks software still displays the 108 error or not.

Solution 2: Disabling Pop-Up Blockers

Disabling Pop-Up Blockers

  • The first step is to log into the bank’s website.
  • Next, the user must go through all his/her notifications. It is possible that the pop-up blocker is preventing the user from reading the messages. Now, the user must disable it & then check for the messages.
  • It is now time to take action or dismiss the messages.
  • When the user has completed the steps above, the user must go to QuickBooks Online.
  • Moving ahead, the user should select the Banking option from the menu.
  • On the Banking page, the user must now tap on ‘Update’.
  • Lastly, the user must verify whether Error 108 QuickBooks is present or not.
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Solution 3: Checking the Firewall Settings

To troubleshoot the QuickBooks Error 108, it is advisable to check for your Firewall Settings. Follow the steps below.

  • Start by updating QuickBooks. You can put it on auto-update or manual update.
  • Using the Admin account, you must log in to the system.
  • Check your system’s Firewall Configurations and allow QuickBooks access.
  • Make sure the internet is working and connected properly while you check the settings.

Solution 4: Run the System File Checker (SFC)

  • Firstly, launch the Start menu and write up Command, and hit Enter.
  • Afterward, the user is required to simultaneously press the Ctrl and Shift keys & hit Enter.
  • Now, the user will see a permission dialog box, for which they have to click on ‘Yes‘.
  • On the next screen, the user will see a black window & a blinking cursor.
  • Next, the user must type up sfc/scannow & hit Enter.

Run the System File Checker

  • After you have completed the above steps, the System File Checker (SFC) will begin scanning.
  • Lastly, follow the on-screen instructions to continue and check for the further prevalence of the error 108 in your system

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Solution 5: Check Out the Financial Institution’s Notification

  • From a browser, sign in to your online banking account.
  • Check your bank’s notifications for any that require immediate action.
  • Clear notifications that don’t need to be addressed.
  • Open QuickBooks Online after signing out of your online banking account.
  • From the left side panel of QuickBooks Online, select Banking.
  • Click the Update button on the Banking tab.

Solution 6: Windows Update

Check whether you have updated your Windows PC if you see error 108 while running QB.

  • Click on Start to begin.
  • Go to Windows Update. The Windows Update dialog box will come up on the desktop screen.
  • Tap on the button Install Updates.
  • Windows will now begin updating. The QuickBooks software will no longer show error 108 once this procedure is completed.

This article is a comprehensive guide for all the users looking to troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 108 banking issue. With causes and top solutions, you will get through every possible aspect of this error. We hope you follow the steps carefully and are no longer in any sort of ongoing trouble. Bookmark us for any future reference on other banking errors like QuickBooks Error 102, QuickBooks Error 103, and more.