Query Processing Error QuickBooks

How to Fix Unexpected Error Query Processing in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks has millions of users that use the software for their accounting work. If you are one of those users, you might face some errors that hinder your work. Including the Query Processing Error QuickBooks is one such unexpected error that occurs when you are trying to create invoices. It triggers due to a bad internet connection, issues with the security settings, or company file issues. As a result, you are unable to access the company files. You can’t create invoices or your ongoing task is disturbed. When the error appears on your system, you may see the error message that states:

“Unexpected Error: An error has occurred in QuickBooks. Please restart QuickBooks and try again. If you continue to experience this error, please note that c = Value and contact technical support. C = 343” 

Query Processing Error QuickBooks

In this article, we are going to discuss the reasons behind the prevalence of the unexpected error Query Processing Error QuickBooks. We will also provide you with the best ways to resolve the error in QuickBooks in just a few clicks. Let’s get started with the article further to get more knowledge. 

Reasons for the Query Processing Error QuickBooks? 

Here is the list of the causes of the QuickBooks Query Processing Error. 

  • A poor internet connection can cause the error. 
  • It occurs because of wrong security settings.
  • Using outdated QuickBooks can also cause the Query processing error null QuickBooks. 
  • Damaged Company files are one of the major reasons for the prevalence of the error.
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Troubleshooting Methods of the Query Processing Error QuickBooks

Let’s fix the error by following the below-mentioned methods with their steps. Ensure to follow the methods with their given steps. 

Update QuickBooks With the Current Version 

Updating QBs software is the easiest way to fix any error. Follow the steps to update your QuickBooks.

  • Click on the Help menu tab. 
  • Choose the option update QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Select Get Updates. It will begin the updating procedure. Query Processing Error QuickBooks
  • Restart your computer system. 
  • Accept the prompted option to install the current version of QuickBooks. 

Create the QuickBooks Company File Again

Here are the steps to create the QBs Company File again. 

  • Open QuickBooks software
  • Choose the User tab under the company menu. 
  • Click on Set Up User & Roles, and then delete any incorrect files if available.  Query Processing Error QuickBooks
  • Now, locate the account tab, and tap on new to make a new one. 
  • Enter the sign-in credentials, set up the role for users, and tap Ok.

Disable UAC 

In case the above methods are not working for you, then you should follow the below-given steps & disable UAC to clear out the QuickBooks Query Processing Error. 

  • First of all, you need to close all the open programs on the system. 
  • Type the User Account in the search bar under the control panel.
  • Single-click on the UAC option, and tap the yes option. 
  • Choose the option Never Notify to disable the notifications. Query Processing Error QuickBooks
  • Tap on OK and reboot your system. 
  • In the end, you need to open the QBs software. 

Stop QuickBooks to Launch During StartUp 

We are going to mention the steps to stop the QB during start-up mode. Follow the below-mentioned steps as mentioned. 

  • Press & hold the ALT button and click twice on the QB icon. 
  • Enter the user id and password in the given password field. 
  • You need to give all the needed info. 
  • Release the ALT button, and tap OK. 
  • Again press the ALT button and open the menu by holding it. 
  • Lastly, once you give the credentials, then release it. 
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Access the Sample Company File 

Accessing your company file from a different location can fix the Query Processing Error QuickBooks. Here is how:

  • Tap & hold the CTRL button on your keyboard, and click twice on the QB icon. 
  • Holding the CTRL button will open the No Company Open window on the screen, choose this option. 
  • Single-click on Sample Files, & Click on Open. 
  • Open the QB software again to resolve the QuickBooks Query Processing Error.

Access Your Company File from the Another Location 

  • Navigate to the company file folder.
  • Find the “.QBW” company file and click on it. 
  • Copy the file and paste it into the new folder. 
  • Launch the QBs desktop. 
  • Tap & hold the CTRL button on your keyboard, and click twice on the QB icon. 
  • Holding the CTRL button will open the No Company Open window on the screen, choose this option. 
  • Single-click on Open the window
  • Choose “.QBW” company file, & open it. 

Other Ways to Fix the Query Processing Error QuickBooks 

In case you are still facing this error, then check out these methods given below. 

Update QuickBooks

Fix the Query Processing Error QuickBooks by updating your app. Follow the given steps. 

  • Close the QB application. 
  • Locate the play store or the app store if you are an ios user. 
  • Click on the app where the installed app list is visible. 
  • Navigate to the QB app & tap on it. 
  • Tap on the Get Update option, and complete the installation procedure. 
  • Now, open the QB app to launch it by following the on-screen instructions. 

Change the Data Connection of your Smartphone  

Whenever you are facing the Query Processing Error QuickBooks in your smartphone, you need to change your data connectivity from your Wi-Fi to your mobile network. Here are the steps on how you can switch your data connection. 

  • Close all the open apps and then reboot your phone. 
  • Check whether all the cables are properly connected to Wi-Fi or not. 
  • Now, change the settings of your data connection from Wi-Fi to cellular data. 
  • Launch the QB desktop app on your phone. 
  • Log in to the QB account to check whether your error is resolved or not. 

Refresh the Data to Fix the Query Processing Error QuickBooks 

Refreshing the data of your application is effective in fixing this error. You just need to go to the Settings tab under the Menu section and choose the Refresh data option. Click on the Yes option. It will refresh your app data and fix the error automatically. 

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This is how you can fix the Query Processing Error QuickBooks. We have mentioned all the possible methods with detailed steps that will help you to resolve the error. If you are stuck at any point, go for the technical support available 24 by 7.