intuit data protect download

Intuit Data Protect Download: Comprehensive Guide

If you are seeking information on how to set up, install, and configure the Intuit data protection then you’ve come across the right spot. In this article, we will understand a brief overview of intuit data protect download and a few other details.

Actually, Intuit Data Protection is a backup solution for QuickBooks. Thus, you may set it to backup your data on daily basis. So, without much delay let’s get started!

Intuit Data Protect Download: Brief Overview

Intuit Data Protect Download

Before learning how to set up, install, and update Intuit data protect, it is crucial that we first discover a few facts regarding “what is intuit data protect”. The intuit data protect download is a subscription-based backup solution offered by Intuit. This service can be used to create backups of your QuickBooks data files and folders. 

Essentially, it protects data from data loss, theft, file corruption, and other threats. Moreover, it is critical to maintain the QuickBooks data files and system security to keep the data safe. Furthermore, you may use this service to produce a backup for only the QuickBooks files or a backup for the full system. Also, it is compatible with QuickBooks 2011 and subsequent software versions.

System Requirement for Intuit Data Protect Download

For intuit data protect activate, you need to configure your system requirements, which are as follows:

  • Operating system:

Windows 8.1 Version Windows 7
Version of Windows 10 Windows Server 2016
Windows Server version 2012 R2 2011 Windows Server
Windows Server version 2008 R2 SP1 Standard and Essentials
  • Browser:

Mozilla Firefox Safari Browser
Internet Explorer 11 Google Chrome
  • System Hardware: 

4 GHz Processor, 4GB RAM, 4X DVD-ROM drive (in case of installing from the drive), at least 5GB of free disk space, and a  screen resolution of 1280 x 1024.

How to setup Intuit data Protect?

For the intuit data protect download, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Firstly, launch QuickBooks on the machine or server that has the QuickBooks company file. Alternatively, in QuickBooks, hit the F2 key to find out.
  • Then, go to the file menu, choose the backup company, and set up or activate the online backup.
  • Also, sign in using the email address and the password you used when you signed up. In case you didn’t remember the password, avail of the service of intuit reset password. However, for the intuit data protect login, things are a little different.
  • Then, once the setup is complete, click proceed.
  • Select the QuickBooks company file as well, and then click Continue. If you have the complete system plan, select the folder you wish to back up and press Continue.
  • In the next step tick, the option for back up local selected documents and then click proceed.
  • Now you must select the files and folders to backup before pressing the Proceed button.
  • Also, plan the daily backup and then press proceed again.
  • To complete the procedure, make sure you configure the notification settings and click proceed.

Keep note that the initial backup may take hours to complete. As it is actually determined by the number of files as well as the file size. Moreover, you should not be concerned because the backups following the initial one will just take a few minutes.

Why it is Crucial to Update Intuit Data Protect?

To protect yourself from the variety of online risks, you need to update an application protects. Also, it offers increased security, better and quicker performance, and information security.

  • Firstly,  maintain the intuit data protect download to the latest version as it offers improved protection to secure important data and prevent data theft.
  • Moreover, you may benefit from increased online application and tool speed.
  • Another possibility is improved stability on different operating systems.
  • Furthermore, the other advantage is to complete data security and prevention against data loss.

How to update Intuit Data Protect in QuickBooks?

Occasionally, it is advised to set up intuit update service for improvements. However, if you have enabled automatic updates, the program will download the update for you. Also, you may manually check for updates at any time. Moreover, the following are the steps involved in this process:

  • To begin, get the most recent version for Intuit data protect by going to the help menu and selecting update QuickBooks.
  • After that hit the Update Now button.
  • Also, make sure you have chosen the data protect option from the list before selecting the get updates option.
  • Then, install the update and click the up arrow on the desktop toolbar.
  • Next, right-click the Intuit Data Protect icon and select About Intuit Data Protect from the menu that appears.
  • Now, choose the update option
  • Once completed, click OK


Process of creating a backup using Intuit Data Protect Download

After understanding the procedure of setting and updating the Intuit Data Protect, it’s necessary to understand the process of creating a backup using Intuit Data Protect. It aids in the automated backup of files and folders. Furthermore, you may backup manually at any moment. The processes for backing up using Intuit Data Protect are as follows:

  • Firstly, right-click on the Intuit data protect icon, and after that select launch, Intuit data protect from the menu that appears. On the Windows toolbar, the symbol may appear as a green padlock.
  • Then select the option back up now.
  • Following that, pick the files and folders that you wish to backup. Also, press the continue button.
  • Now select the backup now option. You will also receive a notification indicating that the backup was successful.

Select the backup option

  • Finally, press the OK button.

If correctly installed and maintained, intuit data protect download may be of considerable help. However, if you face any issue in setup, installing, update or backup of Intuit Data Protect, you can connect with the relevant team for further assistance.