What Is A Digital Product?

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Simply put, it is only in digital format. A few people may also define this as an item that you can sell online without a physical appearance. These basic definitions don't completely understand what good is of this kind. You don't have to market an intangible item to be able to view it in this way. For instance, a website that provides useful information and doesn't have to purchase is an online product. The product is about the value.  

Digital product work aims to create digital touchpoints for the product or service. Digital touchpoints are an interface by that users interact with an item. These devices can come in various forms, with the most well-known being mobile and web. But, this doesn't necessarily mean that these forms constitute distinct product types.  

To get access to the product you purchased, certain redemption methods may or might not require downloading the application software to be able to use it. Some applications may also be compatible with particular operating platforms or versions to run. 

How to Access Your Digital Product:

  1. Navigate to the Purchases tab. 
    1. Option 1: Login and find the Purchases tab in the name of your account
      • If you're having difficulty finding the account you have created, refer to the username and email at checkout.
      • If you bought as an individual guest, create an account and a password or find your Order Confirmation email.   
    2. Option 2: Go to the Order Confirmation email you received and click the "Redeem" or "Redeem the value of your Purchase" link. 
  2. Find the digital product you wish to redeem. 
  3. Simply click on "Product Description" to extend the redemption instructions. 
  4. Select the " Claim My Code " button once you're ready to redeem your item, and select the "Claim My Code" button. 
    1. Be aware that after You click on the "Claim My Code "Claim My Code" button, the item will no longer be in stock for a refund or exchange. .  
  5. Once you've clicked "Claim My Code," you'll find redemption instructions, a hyperlink, and a license code. 
  6. Follow the directions to finish the redemption process and gain access to your merchandise.



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