socket error 10060

How to Fix POS QuickBooks Socket Error 10060?

The QuickBooks socket error 10060 is an error that occurs when you use a debit or credit card for payment to complete the transactions. when you use your card, it is very important that the given information is unique and authentic on the internet connection. Without authenticating information, you will always receive this error. In case there is any type of issues that hindered the internet connectivity and the configuration is not correct, the internet connection will time out and you will have to face this socket error 10060. 

In this article, we are going to discuss related the QuickBooks POS, some factors that influence this error, and many more. We will also discuss various troubleshooting methods that will guide you to fix the socket error 10060 QuickBooks.  

What is QuickBooks POS Socket Error 10060?

When utilizing the Quickbooks program to make a trade, the credit or debit cards must be active and operating. If you attempt to complete a transaction while the connection is idle, you will receive an error and your transaction will end up failing. When using the Quickbooks program to make a transaction, the credit or debit cards must be valid and operating.

 It verifies the card’s and the cardholder’s information. However, the link must be active and suitable for this to happen. The user receives this error if the connection isn’t working properly.  QuickBooks POS error 10061 and QuickBooks POS error 11001 are both the same. If you attempt to complete a transaction while the connection is idle, you will receive an error and your transaction will fail, giving you socket errors.

Signs and Symptoms of Socket Error 10060

We mention some of the causes and consequences of connecting error 10060 below. Meanwhile, look at them before going to the causes. When you receive this socket error 10060 QuickBooks, you will see the error message on your screen that states “Quickbooks point of sale socket error # 10060 connection timed out”.

QuickBooks socket error 10060

  • Internet Connection Problems/Bad Connectivity
  • The socket connection is weak.
  • Blocked connection by anti-virus or ransomware.
  • Issues with the server (EFT)

If you’ve run across any of these problems, you may reach out to the Team of experts for assistance.

More About QuickBooks Point of Sale

QuickBooks POS is one of the most comprehensive programs and hardware alternatives in the business today. Nevertheless, to start, you will receive POS software that is designed to streamline the marketing strategy. You may start tallying up sales, generating bills and invoices, issuing purchase orders, analyzing data, and much more by just logging into the system.

You also have exposure to cutting-edge hardware in addition to user-friendly applications. The QB POS hardware includes a display, barcode scanner, QR code scanner, card swipe device, and other items. There’s even a cash drawer.

Troubleshooting POS Socket Error 10060 in QuickBooks

Here are some of the solutions that might assist you in resolving this socket error 10060 QuickBooks problem, However, ensure you follow all of the instructions for the letter.

Solution 1: Interfering Security Software

Following are the very first solution that you have to follow to resolve QuickBooks point of sale error 10060.

  • Disable any security software, along with the Windows firewall, on your machine.
  • Re-process the transactions if necessary. If there isn’t an error, the problem must be fixed by now.

Solution 2: Enabling Socket Connection

Follow the next solutions in order to troubleshoot the QuickBooks point of sale error 10060.

  • Firstly, get in touch with your ISP provider to see if your internet is up & running.
  • Grant access to all of the ports that QuickBooks requires.
  • Double-check your socket.
  • Now you need to check whether your problem has been fixed or not.

Solution 3: Network Connectivity Blocking Security Software

The socket error 10060 QuickBooks is not that hard that you can’t resolve. You can easily resolve this error by following the below steps.

  • Remove any security software that is installed on your computer.
  • You need to authenticate & show the transaction again. 
  • If an error does not show, your problem has been fixed.
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Solution 4: Using More Than one Workstations

  • Use the network where you used the payment card while numerous workstations are in use.
  • Now, launch the QuickBooks and go to the Edit menu.
  • Pick Company from the drop-down menu under Preferences.
  • After that, select the Communication setup.
  • Make sure the option to “use this computer for all credit card and debit transactions” is fixed. If this is not the case, select Change to This Device.
  • Now is the time to save.
  • Refresh the Point of Sale again after closing the current window.
  • Select User Information from the Tools menu.
  • Check to see if the WS-EFT server is installed on the workstation.

Solution 5: Make a New Data File

  • Navigate to the File menu. Choose the option New within the tab Company Data.
  • Fill in the blanks with Test, and thereafter give the new data file a unique name.
  • Go to the Edit menu & choose the option Preferences.
  • Choose the Company choice.
  • After that, prefer Merchant Service and fill in the requested information.
  • Save by clicking the Save button.
  • Toggle to the Tools menu & choose your user information.
  • Reopen the POS and process the card once more.
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Solution 6: EFT Server Program Issues

Connected and authenticated transactions are available using the EFT server application.

qb socket error 10060
EFT Server Pocket Error
  • Choose Tools from the top menu bar to launch QuickBooks POS.
  • Select User Information.
  • Since the WS-EFT server is unlikely to be listed, you will not receive the authorized transaction.
  • Verify all of the options in the user information box.
  • Specify the appropriate option for the server via which you’re attempting to authorize the transaction.

Retry the transaction once you’ve done this. Your problem should have been resolved by this point. Restart your computer and continue to use QB POS as usual.

Point to be Noted: If the EFT is active, the problem is with the initial document. In this case, you should seek assistance from an IT specialist or an accountant.

Wrapping Up!

We believe that the procedures outlined above for resolving QuickBooks Point of Sale socket error 10060 were of great use to you. Ensure you follow all of the instructions thoroughly and that you do it professionally. If you run into any problems while executing the tasks, get professional assistance. By now your query on how to fix socket error 10060 is solved.